Early and Middle Adulthood 18-20

Erickson Psychosial Intimacy vs Isolation Freud Psychosocial Piaget Task Important Person Fear play Stress Safety

+ Develops connections to work and intimate relationships

Demonstrate an avoidance of intimicay and vocational.ca reer commitments Psychosocial • Develops self sufficiency • Pursues vocation/ occupation • Has intense interpersonal relationship 22 to 33 • Decrease in hero worship • Increased in reality • Independent from parents • Possible marriage, partnership • Realization that everything is not black and white • Look towards the future, hopes for success • Peak intelligence

Normal Findings Develops lasting intimate relationship and good work relationship

Physical • • • • Stabilized growth state Functioning refines formal operational abilities Menopause Begins physical /physiological degeneration


33 to 40 • Period of discovery rediscovery of interest and goals • Increased sense of urgency • Life more serious • Major goals to accomplish • Plateaus at work and marriage partnership • Sense of satisfaction

35 to 45 • Self questioning • Fear of middle age and aging • Reappraise the past • Discards unrealistic goals • Potential changes of work, marriage partnership • Sandwich generation concerned with children and aging

Havaghurst APD Achieving Accepting ones physique & using the body effectively Selecting and preparing for an occupation Preparing for marriage and family life Developing In

memory Maximum problem solving ability