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Comp 2 Program With Page Numbers

Comp 2 Program With Page Numbers

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Published by: M_W357Y on Oct 02, 2011
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Composition 4 Concert
Monday 10 October 7:30pm Melba Hall

Honours Concert
Monday 17 October 7:30pm Melba Hall

Diploma Concert
Monday 24 October 7:30pm Melba Hall

3 October 2011

Featuring pieces by:
Alden Cai David Campbell Kelvin Fung Luke Hutton Matt Westwood Courtney Williams Hannah Zreikat

Special thanks to: Our Teachers: Stuart Greenbaum, Elliott Gyger, Julian Yu & Katy Abbott Thank you for being a continuing source of inspiration to us. The performers, who have all done a wonderful job learning our compositions. And a big thanks to all of you for coming.





Introduction and Tarantella

Shady Lane

Matt Westwood
The Introduction is based on a keyboard improvisation, with the violin part then written almost entirely in a one-beat canon (or one beat out of sync). The Tarantella attempts to capture the feel of techno music for acoustic instruments, with fast repeated notes in the piano, a strong bass line, and an improvisatory violin solo. Performed by Arun Patterson (Violin)
Matt Westwood (Piano)

Hannah Zreikat
A song written in memory of a dear friend. Performed by Marco Lombardi (Piano) Hannah Zreikat (Voice)

Trio for Alto Flute, Clarinet and Piano

Luke Hutton
This work maintains a constant and fast-paced pulse with some less-than-common time signatures. It is slightly jazz-inspired and makes frequent use of fourths in its harmony. Most of the music is constructed from two primary themes: a fast and a slow one, which often appear in counterpoint to each other. Performed by Taryn Anderson (Clarinet) Luke Hutton (Piano) Beth Morgan (Alto flute)

Endeavor for String Quartet

Hannah Zreikat
A piece which explores my experience of life so far, full of HOPE, sadness, JOY, FRUSTRATION and determination. Performed by Bonnie Brown (Violin) Erin Lancaster (Violin) Christopher Munn (Cello) Courtney Williams (Viola)

Hubble: Galaxies Across Space and Time

Kelvin Fung
Hubble: Galaxies Across Space and Time is a short film from NASA that features a journey across 9 billion years of cosmic history, with original source images from the Hubble Space Telescope. As part of the requirement of a prescribed project, a new soundtrack, utilising different sounds, effects and instruments from synthesisers, was composed for it in the hopes of capturing the beauty and the vastness of space.



By By

Matt Westwood
This piece depicts a butterfly in many ways. The 3-on-2 cross rhythms depicts its fluttering, while the simplicity of the melody and harmony depict its simple yet profound beauty. The performer’s hands also depict a butterfly – the thumbs almost constantly crossed make the body of the butterfly, while the rest of the fingers are the butterfly’s wings. The title is also a reference to Australian composer Elliott Gyger’s celesta concerto Angels and Insects (which contrasts this piece in almost every way). Perhaps butterflies are the closest thing we have on Earth to a combination of angels and insects. Performed by Luke Hutton (Piano)

Courtney Williams
On March 1st, 1691, the slave Tituba of Salem Village was brought before the Essex Court on Supposition of Witchcraft. This piece is about her confession, where she speaks of how the Devil came to her and said that if she didn’t harm, and later kill, the town’s children, he would do worse to her. The devil appeared to her as many things – a great black dog, a pair of rats, a hog, a wolf, and cats. With other witches, she flew around on sticks, where the Devil attempted to bribe her with a yellow bird, and other pretty things. Performed by Bonnie Brown (Violin) Erin Lancaster (Violin) Christopher Munn (Cello) Courtney Williams (Viola)

A Weaned Child

David Campbell
Psalm 131 is a short musical poem written by King David of Israel in c. 1000BC, and this arrangement for female voice and piano reflects some of themes of quiet trust and hope. King David committed murder and adultery, and yet was called a man after God’s heart. The largest message is one of humility, and this holds personal meaning as it was given to me on my baptism. There is nothing superfluous musically, but rather stripped back to expose the beauty of hope in a Messiah, and being forgiven. Performed by Laura Fleming (Soprano) David Campbell (Piano)

Danse Macabre

Luke Hutton This work, for solo piano, is a representation of the story of the Dance of Death, which has had many forms and recreations in art and music throughout history. Here, after the personification of Death rises, he and his minions begin moving and dancing more and more furiously until they abruptly stop as a bell tolls midnight. Performed by Luke Hutton (Piano)



from the Imaginary OST By

Suppose to

David Campbell
Musically this piece is an exploration of the tension between 7ths and 9ths, which is expressed harmonically, melodically, in modulation and rhythm. The main motif is contrasted with several modal and/or chromatic themes as the piece gradually transitions from A minor to Bb minor layered on top. The dialogue draws inspiration from Isaiah 30:15 “in repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it”. The piece begins with an expectation of what this is ‘supposed’ to be like, morphing slowly into the unforced rhythms of grace. A little bit like Jesus; a bit unexpected, a bit upside down, a bit catchy. Dedicated to Harry. Performed by Taryn Anderson (Clarinet) Sian Williams (Flute)
David Campbell (Flute)

Matt Westwood
The Imaginary OST is an ongoing project of compositions written in the style of RPG video-game music. Prologue is a piece to be played for the opening scene of the game, during which the narrator (or just text on the screen) would be describing the historical events the led to where the game begins. Performed by Anna Cortez (Piano)


Alden Cai
I. Intrada: Tranquillo II. Esposizione: Agitato-Subito meno mosso- Recitativo- Frentico III. Intermezzo: Adagio IV. Tempo primo (agitato assai)- Coda: Largamente In a world threatened by invasion of alien species, civil war and environmental crisis, a person attempts to gain recognition. From a life of meditation, hard work, reflections, he concludes that hard work is inevitable. Capriccio is written for solo Horn and orchestrated computer pitches. Apart from the Adagio the whole piece is based on a dodecaphonic pattern. The exposition and its recapitulation are palindromes. Performed by Alden Cai (Horn)


Kelvin Fung
Constructed upon a 9-notes scale, Hallucinations is a short piano solo that has a strong sense of openness to it. It seeks to evoke the imaginations, chaos, and emotions that one would experience when through hallucinations, and the calmness that comes after. Performed by Kelvin Fung (Piano)

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