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Maria Maes Parole Packet

Maria Maes Parole Packet

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Published by: Teryn McCommon Davis on Oct 02, 2011
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June25,2011 Katherine Creachbaum 510 Maple st Farmersville Tx 75442 214-799-7092 Cherributt69@yahoo.

com Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles PO BOX 13401 Austin, TX 78711-3401 RE: Request to speak with Commissioner Voting (Maria Maes TDCJ#803294) I, Katherine Creachbaum am a long time friend of maria maes and concider her as part of my family. Enclosed you will find information in support of her parole. I would like to speak to the lead voter of this case before a parole determination is made. Thank you for all of your efforts and attention to this matter. Sincerely, Katherine Creachbaum 510 Maple st Farmersville Tx 75442 CC: Board of Pardons and Paroles Maria Maes Mt.View Correctional Facility 2305 Ransom Rd Gatesville Tx 76528

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