am a twenty-seven-year-old caucasion male, living in the city with the third largest geographical span in the world. I really love my job, my wife(with whom I’ve been marrid for almost a year now) and have great relationships with people. The past two months have also been quite eventful. 1. The FLOOR(our band) has had its busiest time to date. 2. I recorded and produced a song for a Christmas album. My first commercial solo track. Keep your eyes open in all music stores. “Christmas JOY” 3. I recruited two new staff members to share my workload. One is a very very dear and talented friend of mine. Exciting. 4. My wife finally quit her administration job to persue a career in media as director and producer. She already filmed a short-fillm and music video. I’m so proud of her. SHE IS REALLY TALENTED!!! http://vimeo.com/29829806 5. I have started teaching and preaching more regularly at various ministry occations which stretches me to know God’s word even

better. 6. My company has opened two new divisions. Firstly we are starting our own camps at our campus and secondly, we have launched our new media department breaching into film, TV and corporate media. As a result of all these happenings I have found that I have been so busy doing things for God’s Kingdom that I have forgotten Him in a way. I found myself today just sitting and missing Jesus. So much so, that I feel heavy laiden and depressed. I feel I need to just take time and be with Him. No task to complete. Not to read His Word. Nor to pray...but just BE. Friends, breathe deep and remember that our lives are just a blip in eternaty. If we just keep slaving away we will forget our Lover’s heart for us. We yearn... He yearns... ...just to BE.

September 2011 Newsletter #24



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