Color for two I would change my color for you You change my whole life You add more

colors to me You get me sight after blindness I be I feel the surround after I was not here I discover I do have nose after i smell you Your scent makes me the king of the world Your love sits me on the throne of the heavens Your presence changes my life and makes me feel Feel like no other as I never been Been a human or a soul or nothing at all You change the days and night You change the dreams and hope The spirit that revolve around me calls your name The dreams in my mind is about you The days I live to be near & for ever The night I've to see you in my mind To light the darkened night& blaze the dusky skies You change me life You change my into you And the life you gave and the hope I'm dying to share Is the day of you and by you? The dreams of belonging and the day you be mine I would change my colors for you As you change all the colors for me You make a new color you mix it yourself One colors for only two You and I and I’ll change my color for you The color that bind us and for ever be ours We change our (the) colors And you will be my ever lasting colors

By M.H rd 3 june 2008

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