Retrieve & achieve

Life may be so short to be lived And find no where to live or hide Your skin be your hide & shelter from that wild And seems to wide to find your way or your guide Dreams seems so far and unlikely to be And you look for your self and redeem Things looks the same, no may be worse If no way no guide or hope what it will be So hard to guess and so tough to prosper Suddenly the spire shines along your way And wave to you, come to me Your future with me Your dreams is me I`m your chance, i`m your doom Don`t waste me i`m the one you need I`m One in a millions, no one in a billion If you look close inside your self you feel I was yours since to time begins We fall apart along centuries but now God rejoin And we gathered with no date Among the billions of living we gained The doom is done and the fate is redeemed The two halves have joined and come one part again You are my destiny and i`m your fate I`m yours to the end of life and your are mine for dote Dote of you as my only love and my first and last chance The chance I won’t lose or waste or I will everlasting regret If life chances comes many time along your life Or not I don`t care But I know the true love chance? comes only once is true And if lost, you lose yourself & live in the shades of lost love And believe me this time you really the only lose Any thing can be compromised or jeopardized But real feeling worth more to achieve And once you gifted never lose that bride By M.H

1st may 2008

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