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SANJAY GEORGE JOHN (Candidate no. 294) International School Of Choueifat Abu Dhabi (Centre no. AE017)

Your Results: June 2011
Table: Your Examination Results Examination Computer Studies (0420CY) Mathematics (Without Coursework) (0580BY) The results displayed are provisional, and for information only Qualification IGCSE IGCSE A* A* Grade Awarded

What's Next?
If you have passed your exams and are happy with your results, congratulations! If you did not receive the results you were hoping for, your first point of contact is Johnny Kattuman at International School Of Choueifat Abu Dhabi. Email Phone 0097124461444 Johnny Kattuman will be able to provide any support or guidance you need to decide what the appropriate next steps are for you. Please note: all queries are dealt with at the discretion of your Centre.

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8/28/2011 3:25 PM

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