You Are Worthy of My Praise G I will worship (I will worship) F With all of my heart (with all of my heart) C I will

praise You (I will praise You) G Am D With all of my strength (all my strength) G I will F All of C I will G All of seek You (I will seek You) my days (all of my days) follow (I will follow) Am D Your ways (all Your ways)

G D I will give You all my worship C Am D I will give You all my praise G D You alone I long to worship C Am D G You alone are worthy of my praise I will bow down (I will bow down) Hail You as King (hail You as King) I will serve You (I will serve You) Give you ev'ryting (give You ev'rything) I will lift up (I will lift up) My eyes to Your throne (my eyes to Your throne) I will trust You (I will trust You) I will trust You alone (trust You alone)

David Ruis ©1986 Maranatha! Music

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