Polarity I have been hiding in the shadows of myself too long unsure which way to go do I want to be enlightened or wealthy

? can I be both? Do I want to let go of materialism or picture my wildest dreams and bring it to me? inaction. feels. inappropriate. I just cant decide to decideI’m both the happiest that I’ve ever been and the most disappointed with me I’m on the right thought pattern almost I jump up and down patterns right wrong in between almost there but fall below when the red hits me explosion in my chest

fury’s tides rising I think I can’t let go of the madnessfeel powerful in control when out of control like a visit from a bad influence that I love anyway. Polarity proves problematic north polespiritual thoughtful compassionate insightful loving generous wise humble spirited adventurous south polegreedy jeolous lazy angry furious judmental deceitful overbearing rude hypocritical doubtful insecure

my station when shit comes in right(We apologize for the static we are building bigger towers- project should be complete in 27 years) peaceful humble grateful calm kind loving comfortable joyous inspired productive helfpful fun funny spirited intuitive wise listening giving praising inspiring trusting dancing singing poetizing

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