Disclaimer: The Food Committee lists the products to be Halal (Buy) or Non-Halal (Don't Buy) based on the information provided or available at that time from the manufacturers. Hence, they do not guarantee the Halal status of a particular product at all times. Food Committee: Br. Hussain Kedwaii (Shura), Br. Hasan Wadud, Br. Shahid Mateen, Br. Riyaz, Br. Sabir Shaikh Email: Last Update Date: 5/15/03, 3/7/04 1/21/06

No. Food Category Bread

Buy or Use the following Products/Brands
Mrs. Baird's (Any type is good) ·Pepperidge Farm with Ud sign ·Earth Grain: Honey Whole Grain, Whole Wheat, Honey Wheat Berry, Potato Sara Lee Cakes (except as mentioned) ·Albertson's Camelot Cake ·Entenmann's Cakes with U D sign on them

Don't Buy or Use following Products/Brands
Earth Grain: Pumpernickel (presence of L-Cysteine??), Buttermilk (presence of Calcium Propionate??)


Any grocery stores cakes unless they have a kosher bakery which don't use animal by-products or Alcohol Sara Lee:

Candy & Chewing Gums

Cream Pies - French Silk Cream Pies - Tangy Lemon Meringue Cream Pies - Tropical Coconut Cream French Cheese Cake Mars Corporation's: Twix, Dove, Russell Stover M&Ms, Milky Way, Snickers ·Mars Corporation's: Skittles, Starburst ·Hershey's: All chocolate candies such ·Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews and Lollipops ·Tootsie Rolls candies and pops as -- 5th Avenue, Almond Joy, Almond Joy Coconut, Kisses (plain & almond), Kit Kat, Mounds, Milk Duds etc. ·Cadbury's: Fruit & Nut, Krisp Bar, Roast Almond, Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar, Mini Eggs, Heath Milk Chocolate ·Nestle: All chocolate candies such as – Babyruth, Butterfinger, Milk Chocolate bars etc. ·Jolly Rancher hard candy

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02-Oct-11 8:31 PM

Provolone. Provolone.Any combination of Romano. Parmesan & Asiago cheeses Brewster Diary Cheeses (Any type is good) Cabot Cheeses (Any type is good) Other Cheeses: Borden Cottage Cheese Fiesta's store brand Cottage Cheese Sargento Ricotta Cheese Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Kraft Lite Philadelphia Neufchatel Cheese FRITO Lays chips products except those mentioned in the 'DO NOT BUY' column ·PRINGLES ·TOSTITOS Tortillas Chips BAKED LAY"S brand KC Masterpiece BBQ flavored ·BAKEN-ETS brand Fried Pork Skins (all Varieties) 2 of 7 02-Oct-11 8:31 PM .http://www. Parmesan & Asiago cheeses .asp Chewing Gums: Trident brands regular & sugarless gums Dentyne Ice brands regular & sugarless gums Chewing Gums: Chicklets brands Cinnaburst Trident for Kids Kraft Cheeses (Except as shown in the Kraft cheeses: next columnà) Cheddar & Romano cheeses Any combination of Cheddar and Romano cheeses Cheese Sargento Cheeses (Except as shown in the next column à) Sargento cheeses:

Imported Selection De Choix. Chocolate Chunk Apricot Raspberry Fruit Cookies. Orange Milano Cookies. Double Chocolate Milano. Soft baked Santa Cruz Oatmeal Raisin. Mini Nantucket Cookies Milk Chocolate. Lido Cookies. Nabisco: 3 of 7 02-Oct-11 8:31 PM . Chocolate Collection. Brussels Shortbread. Sausalito Cookies. Spring Cookie Collection. Sugar cookies.asp ·CHEETOS Bacon Cheddar Cheese Flavored Crackers ·DORITOS brand Salsa Verde Flavored Tortilla Chips ·DORITOS brand Smokey Red BBQ Flavor Tortilla Chips ·FRITOS brand Chili ·FRITOS brand SLOPPY JOE & SCOPES brand corn chips ·FRITOS brand SLOPPY JOE BBQ sauce with Beef Hearty Combo ·Maui Style Maui Onion Flavored Potato Chips ·RUFFLES brand Buffalo Style Potato Chips ·RUFFLES brand FLAVOR RUSH brand Big BBQ & Cheddar Flavored Potato Chips ·RUFFLES brand THE WORKS brand Potato Chips ·SANTITAS Botaneros Salsa Verde Flavored Tortilla Chips ·SUNCHIPS French Onion Flavored Multigrain Snacks Cookies Pepperidge Farm: Milano Cookies. Mini Sausalito Cookies.planomasjid. Butter Chessmen Cookies Assortment Large.http://www. Nantucket Cookies. Geneva Cookies. Strawberry Fruit Cookie Pepperidge Farm: Gold Fish. Chesapeake Cookies Fruitfull Cookies. Golden Orchard Fruit Cookie Collection. Bordeaux. Montauk Butter Thin Crackers.

Rainbow. Dizzy Gizzlers. Chips Ahoy. New Chips Ahoy Peanut Butter. Mother's Cookie GRANDMA'S brand Home style Molasses Big Cookie GAMESA Arcoris Marshmallow cookies GAMESA lonchera Assorted Cookies GAMESA Mamut Chocolate Marshmallow cookies GAMESA Mini Mamut Chocolate Marshmallow cookies Albertson Good Day: Almond Windmill Cookies Cracker Jack: Unsalted Crackers. Macaroni Cookies. Cream Filled Lemon.asp Oreo. Fudge Marshmallows Cookies Frito-Lay: Mother's: Peanut Butter Cookies. Droxies Keebler: Great Value (Wal-Mart Brand): Sandies. Nutter Butter Bites. El Fudge. Iced Oatmeal Cookies. Bisco sugar wafers New Teddy Graham Bear Witches Chocolate graham Keebler: Vienna Fingers.planomasjid. Ritz Crackers. Oat Meal Cookies Lemon Krisp Cookies. Fudge Sandwich Cookies Chocolate Chips Cookies. Fig Newton's.http://www. flavored – Sunny Select: Oatmeal Cookies Sugar Cookies. butter Cookies. Cookies Stix Vanilla Crème Sandwich Cookies. New Chips Ahoy Cream Sandwiches Nabisco: Cafe Saltine 4 of 7 02-Oct-11 8:31 PM . Chip Delux. Fudge Striped Short Bread Cookies Great Value (Wal-Mart Brand): Orange Pineapple Sandwich Assorted naturally and artificially Cookies.

Glazed Cake Donut. Toasted Coconut Cake Donut. Coffee Roll. Fat Free Butter Toffee Glazed Popcorn Dunkin Donuts: Dunkin Donuts: Old Fashioned Cake Donuts. Powder Cake Donut. Boston Plain Cruller. Chocolate Frosted Eclair Donut. Jelly Stick. Cake Donut Cinnamon Buns. Marble Frosted Donut. Apple N Spice Donut. Chocolate Frosted Dunkin' Donuts. Blueberry cake Donut Cake Donut Blueberry Crumb Donut.http://www. Coconut Cake Donut.planomasjid. Ben and Jerry's Dreyers: ·Klondike except the ones with Gelatin Galactic Chocolate in the ingredients ·Blue Bunny except the ones with Gelatin Breyers: Reese's (TBHQ. Glazed Donut. PGPR??). Maple Bagles: Frosted Donut . Donut Lemon Donut. No Sugar 15% Extra Vanilla (Palmitate??).org/iacc/Community/HalalFoodList. Maple Frosted Coffee Roll.asp Donuts Crackers. Sugared Chocolate Crème Filled Donut. Whole Apple Crumb Donut. Vanilla Frosted Donut. Breyer's and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Snickers Candy Bar Ice Cream ·Dole Strawberry with Marshmallow or Rum ·Dole Pineapple ·Most of Dreyer's. Berries 'n 5 of 7 02-Oct-11 8:31 PM . Sugar Crème Donut Cruller Bow Tie Donut. Breyer's. Sugar Raised Donut Vanilla Frosted Coffee Roll. Lactose Free Natural Vanilla (Lactose Enzyme??). Butternut Cake Glazed Fritter Jelly Filled Donut. Espresso 'n Cream. Perils of Praline. Oreos (Vanillin??) Baskin Robin's Kosher Ice Creams: Choc. Vanilla Kreme Filled Donut. Cake Donut. Fast Food Restaurants Dreyer's. Bavarian Wheat Glazed Cake Donut Kreme Donut. Chip. Strawberry Note: Not All Bagels are HALAL. Cinnamon Cake Donut Coffee Roll. Bismarck Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Cruller. Chocolate Coconut Donut. Donut Strawberry frosted Donut. Chocolate Frosted Donut. Apple Fritter. Double Chocolate Cake Iced Donut Black Raspberry Donut Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut. Powder Cruller. Glazed Cruller.

Cherry.. Lemon Custard. Rum Raisin. Cherries Jubilee Haagen Dazs : Dessert Extraordinaire: Chocolate Mousse. Dulce de Leche Caramel. Raspberry Cheese Louise. Raspberry. Butter Pecan Dreyers: Chocolate Chip. Pistachio Almond. Rocky Road (Marshmallow??) Breyers: Rocky Road. Enzyme??). Banana Fudge Chunk. Mango. Dulce de Leche Haagen Dazs: Strawberry Cheesecake (Cheese culture. Vanilla. Grape Ice. French Vanilla. Rum Raisin. Chocolate Brownie with Walnuts Icecream Bars: Vanilla Milk Chocolate. Mint Chocolate Chip Juicy Juice (Any type) ·Minute Maid (Any type) ·Tropicana (Any type) Juices Sunny Delight ·OceanSpray (if it contains Natural Flavoring) 6 of 7 02-Oct-11 8:31 PM . Chocolate Chip. Baskin Robin's Non Kosher Ice Creams Especially the ones with Marshmallow: Rocky Road. Jamoca. Café _Mocha Frappe Sorbets & Yogurts: Chocolate. Strawberry. World Class Choc. Nutty Coconut.http://www. Vanilla Almond. Vanilla Swiss Almond. French Vanilla. Vanilla Gelato: Hazel Nut. Vanilla Normal Ones: Coffee. Baseball Nut. Peach. Mint Chocolate Chip. Cappuccino. Chocolate.asp Banana. Ultimate Caramel Chip. Vanilla Caramel Brownie. Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry. Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake. Pink Bubblegum.planomasjid. Almond. Strawberry Cheesecake. Chocolate Chip. Pistachio.

Albertson brand ·Fiesta's store brand milk ·Carnival's store brand milk Dannon Plain and Low fat Yogurt Caravan Plain Yogurt Amy's Frozen Pizza (or any Amy's frozen products. Goat or Chicken) Meats that are not Zabeeha should be Zabeeha (hand slaughtered according to the Islamic requirements) Dairy Glenn .Kroger brand ·Oak Farms ·Schepps milk ·Borden milk ·Organic Valley organic milk ·Horizon organic milk ·Whole Foods brand organic milk ·Nestle brand flavored milk ·Good Life . available at Whole Foods) ·A.asp Meat Products Milk and Milk Products (yogurt.C. but chances of cross contamination with pork & other meat products are very high) ·Fast Food restaurants . but chances of cross contamination with pork & other meat products are very high) ·Pizza Inn (Pizza Bread and Cheeses and vegetables toppings are OK. Lamb. butter) ·Ocean Spray 100% Orange juice All meats (Beef.chances of cross contamination with pork & other meat products are very high 7 of 7 02-Oct-11 8:31 PM .org/iacc/Community/HalalFoodList.Tom Thumb brand Borden brand milk 'Kid Builder' ·Kroger milk .http://www. LaRocco Prozen Vegetarian Pizza ( available at Whole Foods) Pizza Papa John (Pizza Bread and Cheeses and vegetables toppings are OK.planomasjid.

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