Author’s Purpose Notes

When you read, it is important to think about the author’s
purpose because it helps us understand the text better.

Why else might it be important to think about the author’s purpose?


There are many purposes a writer might have, but the three main
purposes are :

• To entertain – to get us thinking and appeal to our creative
-typically a fiction story (mystery, fantasy, etc)

To inform – to give us factual information about something
we might not be familiar with, a new learning
-typically a non-fiction text (articles, Time for

or create a mood to enhance a story -typically in a mystery story or tall tale _____________________________________________ • To express personal feelings – to share emotions or draw out .________________________________________________ • To try to talk the reader into thinking like him/her -typically a letter or editorial (like in the newspaper) _______________________________________________ _ *Some other purposes might be: • To create a mood – the author might be trying to set the tone.

etc ___________________________________________________ .sometimes the author may just want to share a vivid description of an event/experience/place *Different from inform because it is the author’s opinion.emotions of the reader -typically a fiction story or a poem ___________________________________ • To describe. brochure. not necessarily facts! -typically an advertisement.

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