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Student-friendly CAHSEE Writing Rubric, Prompt # ______
This essay... addresses (answers or follows) every part of the prompt (instructions) exactly has a clear, strong thesis (main idea) that is the point of the whole essay has strong evidence that clearly supports all parts of the thesis is organized with an obvious introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a short, clear conclusion has sentences that are clear and interesting and flow together nicely uses correct grammar and spelling 4 :-D addresses all parts of the prompt 3 :-) addresses most of the prompt 2 :- | only part of the prompt is addressed 1 :- ( what is this essay even about? Score:

very clear, obvious thesis

I can find the thesis once I read the essay

thesis is weak or is hard to figure out

no thesis to be found

the evidence makes me agree with the thesis!

the evidence fits with the thesis but isn't very strong organization is there, but feels forced

evidence is pretty weak or doesn't relate to the thesis there are paragraphs, but they don't flow in a clear order

there's no good evidence here

organization is clear and flows smoothly

there are no clearly different paragraphs

sentences give very interesting descriptions and have variety only tiny, unimportant mistakes

sentences give some description and have variety

sentences all sound pretty much the same

the language is too simple to be interesting

some mistakes but I can totally understand

some parts are hard to read because of mistakes

lots of mistakes that make it hard to read


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