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Exercise # 1

Exercise # 1

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Exercise # 1: Objectives: Develop Web Dynpro Application showing a view with an Image as UI element.

Tasks required to be performed for development:

1. Creation of package :
       Execute transaction code SE80 Select Package from the list Enter a name (suggested name: ‘ZWD_PACKAGE’) to the package and click on ‘Yes’. Enter Short Description, Application Component and Software Component and click on ‘Create Icon’ Create a workbench request by clicking on the ‘Create Icon’. Enter Short Description and click on ‘Save’. Now a package is created with the name ‘ZWD_PACKAGE’ and all the objects which would be created from now onwards till the end of the session could be assigned to the same package.

2. Creation of Web Dynpro component with a window:
   Select Web Component / Intf. from the list Enter a name (Suggested name: ‘ZWD_<your number>_EX1’) A dialog box appears with the message the WD object does not exist .Create Object?’ .Click on ‘Yes’.

 The WD component description and the Window name is entered and clicked on ‘√’ .Assign this object to the package. We get some of the defaults in the hierarchy as shown in the snapshot below:

 

3. Creation of Web Dynpro view:
   Right click on the Web Dynpro Component ,select CreateView Enter View Name and Description We get number of tab sheets and in the layout of the view, place the UI Element which are found under the ‘Favorites’.

4. Placing UI element on the view layout:
 Drag the UI element ‘Image’ and place it on the Layout.

   In the ‘Source’ properties of the Image control, the path where the mime object is stored is given. Steps for selecting the source: Click on the ‘Mime Repository’ ,select the object you would like to assign to Source,drag and drop it on the source as shown in the snapshot:

 

Click on the repository browser and you are back to ‘Web Dynpro Component’ Activate all the objects created by selecting the Web Dynpro Component and right click on the ‘Activate’ option.

5. Embed view in the window:
  Double click on the Window ‘MAIN_WINDOW’, to the right side, ‘MAIN_WINDOW’ appears. Right click on the ‘MAIN_WINDOW’ and click on ‘Embed view’ . Select the ‘View to Be Embedded’ and ‘Component of View’ from the F4 provided as shown in the snapshot:

6. Creation of Web Dynpro Application:
  Right click on the Web Dynpro component, select ‘Create’  ‘Web Dynpro Application’ Enter Description and click on ‘√’ and we get the screen as shown in the snapshot:

Save and execute the Web Dynpro Application by selecting the ‘Test’ option or ‘Execute Icon’ from the toolbar.

Congratulations!!!!! You have successfully developed a simple Web Dynpro Application.

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