A few months ago, my friends and I were going to see a movie.

We invited another friend to by the name of Jacob. The movie we were going to see was not one that Jacob liked, so he turned us down and decided not to go. In the end, everybody had a great time including the people who came that did not want to see the movie. Jacob was reluctant in going to the movies and therefore, it closed the door to a wonderful and fun Friday night. In Anton Chekhov’s the lady with the dog, Dmitry is also stubborn and denies women, which closes opportunities for him. People who are not flexible and are reluctant to change can end up closing opportunities in their future. Dmitry is a lonesome man who thinks of women as something not normal. According to Dmitry, “he spoke slightingly of women, to whom he referred as the lower race (94).” Dmitry’s point of this statement is that he thinks women are beneath men and are a hassle.  Ask about what to do after this, (last Tuesday, Mike told you to sort of continue your essay with the plot of the story, like your examples continue with the story)

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