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Trades call on city of San Ciego to reject PLA ban

Governor Brown signs SB 922 to ensure true fair and open competition
October 3, 2011 – San Diego, CA – San Diego Building and Construction Trade Council calls on the City Council of the city of San Diego to reject the proposed ordinance banning Project Labor Agreements (PLA). These agreements allow a public-private partnership to create local jobs and generate the best value in construction projects. The City Council of city of San Diego will act today, on a reckless ordinance proposed by self-serving contractors, one day after the signing into law of SB 922 by the Governor Jerry Brown. This bill ensures that if PLAs are used on public construction projects, that they include taxpayer protection provisions.  Both union and non-union contractors can bid on and be awarded contracts;  Workers cannot be discriminated based on race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or membership in a labor organization;  Prohibits any work stoppages or disruptions on projects, with any dispute being resolved by a neutral arbitrator;  Workers on hazardous jobs will drug-use tested. Charter cities, like San Diego, that ban these agreements will lose state funding. This is because unilateral PLA bans could put taxpayer dollars at risk. According to Tom Lemmon, business manager of the San Diego Building Trades: “State law levels the playing field to ensure true fair and open competition in taxpayer-funded construction projects. This is a historic moment for San Diego. Today we have an opportunity to turn the page from vitriolic backbiting to constructive cooperation. It is time to refocus our energy on creating local jobs.” The Trades is actively reaching out to business, community and political leadership to work together to leave this anti-taxpayer PLA ban behind us.


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