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Technical Manual for IWMP_GSWMA

Technical Manual for IWMP_GSWMA

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Published by Himanshu Katira

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Published by: Himanshu Katira on Oct 03, 2011
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Nitrogen uptake by the plants is reduced in waterlogged lands. Additional doses of ni-
trogen application therefore, have been found to be useful to reduce the harmful effects of wa-
terlogging. Adverse effects of waterlogging are similar to the effects that are caused by low N-
fertilizer in heavy soils. It has been conclusively proved that it is possible to compensate the
effect of high water table by applying additional doses of nitrogen. As the effects of nitrogen
application in waterlogged lands are a short-lived, it is recommended that applications of N-
fertilizer should be increased but the full dose should be applied more frequently.

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