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Technical Manual for IWMP_GSWMA

Technical Manual for IWMP_GSWMA

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Published by: Himanshu Katira on Oct 03, 2011
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Drainage requirements and measures greatly vary depending upon factors such as soil,
geo-hydrological and climatic conditions, irrigation and cropping practices and natural drain-
age. Drainage investigations are mainly conducted to understand different dimensions of the
problem to search for a suitable solution. However, investigations are generally problem spe-
cific. It is always better to plan with minimum data obtained through best available means for

Technical Manual for IWMP

Gujarat State Watershed Management Agency

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a specific project. Information on hydraulic conductivity, drainable porosity, infiltration char-
acteristics, soil salinity, soil alkalinity, depth of impermeable layer, aquifer parameters,
groundwater fluctuations, groundwater quality, fresh water supplies, surface drainage net-
work and availability of outlets, etc. is a pre-requisite for planning the drainage of water-
logged saline and alkali soils. In addition to above-mentioned information, knowledge on
drainage requirement of different crops and criterion for drainage design is also needed. In-
formation generated through drainage investigations is utilized effectively to design a drain-
age system, which would satisfy the limits related to drainage criteria.

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