Name:__________________________________ The Pearl- Writing Assignment # 2 The definition of a lyric is



lyric [ˈlɪrɪk] adj 1. (of poetry) a. (Literature / Poetry) expressing the writer's personal feelings and thoughts b. (Music, other) having the form and manner of a song In the novel The Pearl by John Steinbeck, Kino’s people express their emotions through song. In the first chapter we are introduced to ‘The Song of the Family’, ‘The Song of Evil’ or even ‘The Song of the Enemy’. These songs and lyrics were used to express the emotions and feelings of their culture. This writing assignment has two parts. PART I 1. Find a song that you think could represent: a.) The Song of the Family b.) The Song of the Enemy c.) The Song of Evil d.) The Song of Experience 2. Print off the lyrics to your song. 3. Write an explanation explaining why you have chosen this song and how it reflects your chosen topic. 4. Make sure you reference the lyrics to the song in your explanation.

Please see the attached rubric for your reference. Pick a topic that you think might be song worthy. For example you might want to write the Song of School or The Song of Homework or even the Song of Sports. It is now your turn to write your own song. DATE DUE: Part I:______________________________________________________________ Part II: _____________________________________________________________ .PART II 1. 2. Please get help with any part of this assignment. 4. Style and Language Use and the Organization of your assignment. Your song should contain original lyrics and a chorus of some kind. You may choose to work with a partner on this portion of the written assignment. If you wish you may choose a song that you already know and use the rhythm and meter to complete your song. 5. 3. You must present your song to the class. ASSESSMENT: You will be assessed on the Content. Be creative and remember that there are no wrong answers as long as you use proof to support your ideas.

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