4th  CII  National  Cluster  Summit  2011  

  DAY  1     Speakers:   Gautam  Thapar,  Chairmain,  Avantha  Group   Yogesh  Munjal,  MD,    Munjal  Showa   Sudhir  Trehan,VC,  Crompton  Greaves   MM  Singh,  CEO,  Maruti  Udyog   Kunwer  Sachdev,  MD,  Maruti  Udyog     Case  Study  Participation:       Godrej   Minda  Industries   Autodecor   Horizon  Industrial   USV  Ltd   Mahindra  and  Mahindra   Lucas  Ltd   Bhambra  Fabricators   Tata  Motors       Topics  Covered  :     Manufacturing  Excellence   Cost  Competitiveness   Energy  Efficiency   SME  Competitiveness                          

DATA COLLECTINGFast acting COST OF PRODUCT60% RM 30 % manpower 9 % wastes 5-7 % utility we need to optimize all the above. RM---heat+beat+treat-->Finished Product Where is the innovation ??? Introduction of automation has brought about change-just manpower or other factors. study hard spend time -costs of 5% need to be decreased every year to sustain in industry. Have a day in 3 months when u have people coming to u advising about reducing costs SOLVE IT. new systems.from all angles. involve people in the management procedure. to be ready in case of war.. in case of foreign competition -the above is a global phenonmenon -the mindset of the employees need to be dealt with carefully. calculate ROI-check viability. DO IT-things easy to plan in office.take the emplotyees along in the progress.take no time-validate .maintain a culture. Don’t impose the experice the post and the experience much.to the people. In Maruti all machines run at 90-95% efficiency (we need to make thought process as such-right from calulations at office) Study new technologies. it needs to be moulded(it ususally is difficult to change as is connected to some past success story) OWN IT.feel the owenership in the organization and induce the feeling in the people at the management level.NOTES ON MY DIARY -look at things differently. strive. Bring solution among the people.. doing needs hardwork Implementing needs planning and reviewing the exercise Commitment and teamwork is the must.


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