Jones’ Journal

Volume 1, Issue 7 September 30, 2011

What’s New? The September Character Trait is SELF-CONTROL.
Monday-Editing Quiz and September: Responsibility Reading Skill Check Wednesday- Timed Multiplication Friday ~ Math Check Up, WWW Quiz Dropbox Updates In Dropbox, under the All Parent Folder, you will find the DLR book. Under the “Next Week” box in our newsletter, it will tell you what week we are on. If your child forgets DLR, they can print a page from the book. In addition, you may always work ahead or go back to practice from the prior weeks. Under the All Parent Folder, you will find Morning Math. We are on 28-32. This is what students do in class every morning to prepare for Math Check up. It does not come home with a grade, it is practice. I have added the newsletter and the SCHOLASTIC book order letter. The code to order online is on there. If you can, please order online. We receive free books for our class. If not remember to only send in a check. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED. Picture Retakes Picture retakes are on October 12. Please remember to send in the old pictures for a new order. Big EVENT I am very happy to announce that all our students have earned enough SOAR bucks to attend our Big Event on October 14. October 14 is also a half-day of school and the end of the first quarter.

Weekly Quizzes

Mark Your Calendar
10/18 and 10/20 Parent/Teacher Conf. 10/12 Picture Retakes 10/10 ALL LATE WORK DUE 10/14 ½ Day End of 1st quarter 10/14 Big Event 10/18-10/21 Book Fair 10/28 No School

Supply Request If you would like to donate thin highlighters to our class, we would greatly appreciate it!

Next Week
Reading: Prediction, Story Elements: Characters, Character Traits, Setting, Problem/Solution Writing: Writers’ Workshop, Skills: Strong Verbs, Contractions, Possessive Nouns, DLR Week 8 Working with Words: their, before, enough, transportation, classify, glasses, beaches, brunches, eyelashes, circuses Prefix: trans- Suffix: ify, -tion Patterns: when to add –es to make a plural; using their, there & they’re

Math: Line Plots, Elapsed Time, Patterns Science: Ecosystems

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