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Famous HIndi Poems

Famous HIndi Poems

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Published by Diwakar Kushwaha

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Published by: Diwakar Kushwaha on Oct 03, 2011
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Here is a lovely poem of intense longing by Mahadevi Verma. How would every change only if you just come once - Rajiv Krishna Saxena



wish to give more.Rajiv Krishna Saxena Keywords: love for motherland. self sacrifice. dedication. son . Mother India. devotion. this poem reminds us how great joy can be derived from simple things in life .SUBHDRA KUMARI CHAUHAN Here is a moving poem about wishes of a child to climb a tree on the river bank and play a tiny wooden flute to surprise his mother. In this high-tech age of computer games.

Here is an old classic poem by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan.Rajiv Krishna Saxena . Her writing career unfortunately came to an early end as she died at the age of 42. That happened before the country attained freedom. who also wrote the evergreen poem . Read on.Jhansi Ki Rani.. in a road accident.. That explains the last stanza of this poem where she says that the pen of the poet is not free..

www.com .ApniHindi.com http://www.ApniHindi.

Three weeks later on June 18. As the first born child of Rani had died. They adopted a child whom the English refused to accept as the legal heir to the throne of Jhansi.com . 60. 1858 she was martyred by bullets of the English army in a combat battle.ApniHindi. Rani escaped in guise of a man with few of her supporters. the couple was childless. In March 1858. Rani however refused and decided to fight for her rights.com http://www. Super human courage. She regrouped her forces in Kalpi.Story of Laxmi Bai.ApniHindi. became a source of inspiration for generations of Indians in their fight for independence .19. the king of Jhansi died.000 per year and ordered her to leave the fort of Jhansi. convictions and velour displayed by such a young girl in nineteenth century India to take up English army in armed combat and to give up her life fighting for her rights. riding a horse with her son tied behind her back and a sword in her hand. about 100 miles from Jhansi and advanced into Gwalior. (born Nov. English army laid siege to the fort of Jhansi and took Jhansi after fighting for two weeks. 1835) the Queen of Jhansi is unparalleled in the history of India. Instead the English offered her a pension of Rs.Rajiv K. She was only 18 years old when her husband Gangadhar Rao. She raised a volunteer army where both men and women were recruited. Saxena www.

com .ApniHindi.ApniHindi.com http://www.www.

ApniHindi.ApniHindi.com .com http://www.A lovely classic by Jai Shankar Prasad. Hindi is a bit difficult so I have provided the meanings of difficult words – Rajiv Krishna Saxena www.

Navratna.com . Rajiv Krishna Saxena Rahim. Krishna http://www. Mugal. His dohas have important messages and a great deal of worldly wisdom.ApniHindi. I have provided meanings of dohas also. He also wrote many dohas in praise of Lord Krishna and Rama. Khankhana. Wisdom.www. Rama. doha. He was a great warrior as well as a poet.ApniHindi. Sufi. Akabar. Sufism. couplets. Here is a sample of Rahim’s work. Since the language is 400 years old.com Abdul Rahim Khankhana (1556-1627) was one of the nav-ratnas of Emperor Akabar.

www.ApniHindi.com .ApniHindi.com http://www.

give-up depression. Unity in diversity is emphasized here. nation] www. enthusiasm. children. Keywords: Inspiration. do something useful. Keywords: Dwarka Prasad Maheshwari. Flowers. moon. This is some thing rarely seen now.ApniHindi. advice. Rajiv Krishna Saxena.Here is a lovely poem most of us may have read in school days. don’t feel despondent http://www.com . India.com Here is an old classic from Rashtra Kavi Maithili Sharan Gupt. exhortation to keep working. life. Garden. That was the time when poets like senior elder men would not hesitate in giving sound advice to society and people. water. Unity in diversity. Rajiv Krishna Saxena. soil. sun.ApniHindi.

ApniHindi.com http://www.www.ApniHindi.com .

sacrifice www. dedication. heart. And that is why this is such a special poem. prayer. Saxena Keywords: Motherland.ApniHindi. especially those who feel special affinity for India.ApniHindi. body. Illustration is from the collection of Prof. soul. It left a deep impression. my country.Rajiv K.I had read this poem by Ram Avtar Tyagi in childrens school Hindi text book.com . It may moisten eyes of some readers. Jyotindra Jain .com http://www. life.

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