What is Cloud Computing ? .

.History  1960 – John McCarthy  Came into commercial use around the turn of the 21st century.

Characteristics Of Cloud Computing  Agility  Application programming interface (API)  Cost  Device and location independence  Multi-tenancy Centralization Peak-load capacity Utilization and efficiency  Reliability  Scalability  Performance  Security  Maintenance .

Cloud Computing Service Architecture Service Layers Of Cloud Computing SaaS PaaS IaaS • Software as a Service • Platform as a Service • Infrastructure as a Service .

Deployment models .

installation cost Remote access work from pre-defined locations Hardware upgraded every three years One location Available from anywhere Always operates on the latest hardware Multiple loactions in the UK Latest Hardware Locations of data High Security Log on and use Speed/cost of implementation: Zero or Less Cost Cloud Computing .Traditional Vs Cloud Computing Traditional Computing Hardware costs High Cost Security Less Security Hardware purchase.

Advantages of Cloud Computing  Reduced Cost  Increased Storage  Highly Automated  Flexibility  More Mobility  Allows IT to Shift Focus .

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing  Additional cost of data transfer fees  You do not have control over the remote servers. their software. or their security  Your data is at the mercy of a third-party company (you better make sure you trust them)  It may be difficult (or even impossible) to migrate massive amounts of data from the provider  Requires a constant internet connection  Does not work well with low speed connection .

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