1. Parts of eye 2. Working of eye 3. Diseases of eye 4. Care of eyes

Parts Of Eye

Working of eye

Light falling on the eye passes through the transparent cornea. They continue through the anterior chamber filled with aqueous humor. The light rays get further refracted through the vitreous humor and reach the Fovea of the retina

The cornea and the fluid serves as a

first lens.
Light next passes through the flexible

transparent crystalline lens.
As light falls on both rods and cones their

light sensitive pigment instantly decay and then re- form.
The change send electro-chemical

signals through the optic nerve to the brain, where the signals are interpreted.

Diseases Of The Eye
1. Night blindness 2. Hypermetropia 3. Myopia 4. Color blindness 5. Cataract

Types Of Diseases
Night Blindness Night Blindness is an eye disorder in which vision is absolutely impaired in dim light. Hypermetropiais a visual defect in which objects at short distance can not be seen clearly.

Myopia Myopia is visual defect in which distant objects can not be seen clearly Colour blindness Colour blindness is an inherited defect of vision resulting in a person’s inability to distinguish between specific colours.

Cataracts cause a gradual, painless deterioration of sight.


Care of eye

Only use medicines prescribed by doctor. Use sunglasses while going out in sunlight. Don’t watch TV for longer period. For healthy eyes eat lots of green vegetables and fruits Keep your eyes clean by washing them with cold water. G.S.S.S,SAHAURAN(S.A.S NAGAR)

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