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Chapter 8

Respiratory System

1. What are the functions of the lungs?
 The lungs are responsible for the breathing process, which is the exchange of
oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), involving internal and external
respiration. (p.116)
2. Name the parts of the pharynx (3)? (p.116)
 Nasopharynx
 Oropharynx
 Laryngopharyx
3. What is the number of lobes on the right lung? Why?
 Three. There is space for three lobes on the right lung. (p.117)
 The left lung needs space for the heart (cardiac notch) so only has two lobes.
4. What are the accessory organs of this system?
 The heart and blood. (emailed Mrs. Hoerner)
 Cardiovascular system (p.116 1st sentence)
5. What does the nasal cavity do with the air you breathe in?
 Warms moistens, and filters incoming air. (p.116)

1. anoxemia – absence of sense of smell (p.125)
2. Cheyne-Stokes – Cheyne-Stokes respiration is breathing characterized by fluctuation in
the depth of respiration. (p.125)
3. coryza – head cold; upper respiratory infection (URI) (p.125)
4. mucus – viscous fluid secreted by mucous membranes that communicate with the air
5. pulmonary edema – excessive fluid in the lungs that induces cough and dyspnea;
common in left heart failure. (p.125
6. rales/crackles – abnormal respiratory sounds heard on auscultation, caused by exudates,
spasms, hyperplasia, or when air enters moisture-filled alveoli. (p.126)
7. sputum – pathological viscous fluid formed in the lower respiratory tract that often
contains blood, pus, and bacteria. (p.125)
8. stridor – abnormal sound caused by a spasm or swelling of the larynx (p.126)

True or False
1. The intercostal muscles assist the diaphragm in change the volume of the thoracic cavity
by elevating and lowering the rib cage.
• True. (p.118)

Med Term April 2, 2006

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2. The word pleurisy means inflammation of the pleural membrane.
• True. (p.125)
3. AFB is acid-fast bacillus (TB virus organism).
• True. (p.129)
4. COPD.
• Answer?
5. Please provide.
6. Please provide.
7. Please provide.
8. Please provide.
9. Please provide.
10. Please provide.

Med Term April 2, 2006

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