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Pre Classic Greece
Brushes from the preclassic Greek art

The classic era of ancient Greece (5th -4th century BC) is characterized by an unprecedented prominence of arts. Before that, there was a period of more than 2500 years, during which there was a gradual advance from abstract representations to more elaborate forms. This set of brushes contains certain decorative motifs (e.g. meanders, flowers, spirals) that were widely used during this period, in pottery and carved adornments in the islands and continental Greece.


Please read the README.txt contained in the .zip file. To paint, hold down the SHIFT key and draw a straight line. I prefer to paint on a separate layer and then adjust bevels, shadows, etc.  

The brushes are designed to work platforms. You will need: 1. Photoshop CS or higher

in both Windows and MacOS

2. An application (such as Winzip or Winrar) that decompresses zip files. 

Please make sure you read the copyright and T.o.U. notice by clicking HERE.

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