This Project is meant for class VII

Project Developed By: Mrs. Anu Saini (Science Mistress) & Students Of Class VII

Govt. High School, Jhallian Khurd, Ropar

Sources Of Energy
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Renewable Solar Wind Geothermal Biomass Hydro Ocean

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Non-renewable Oil (Petroleum) Natural Gas Coal Uranium (Nuclear)

Types of Energy
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Muscular Energy Chemical Energy Mechanical Energy Kinetic Energy Potential Energy Heat Energy Solar Energy Wind Energy Electric Energy Atomic Energy

Muscular Energy

The energy in human being and animals is called muscular energy. This energy comes from food.

Chemical Energy

The energy in batteries and cells is chemical energy. Engines works on petrol or diesel have chemical energy. On burning they produce heat energy.

Mechanical Energy

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A stretched string is capable of doing work. The energy possessed by the stretched string in a bow is called mechanical energy. It is of two types: Kinetic Energy Potential Energy

Kinetic Energy

The bodies capable of doing work due to their motion possesses Kinetic Energy. Kinetic Energy can be defined as “The energy possessed by a body by virtue of its motion.

Potential Energy

Potential Energy is the energy stored in a body due to its position.

Heat Energy

Burning of fuel produces heat. This heat is used to produce steam which runs turbines. All engines use Heat Energy.

Solar Energy

Sun is a major source of light and heat. Solar energy is used to produce steam and to operate solar cooker. Solar Energy is used even to produce electricity.

Wind Energy

Wind has a lot of energy in it. Wind makes the big wheel to turn which can be used to do so many other works.

Electric Energy

The bulb, tube, fan, cooler, refrigerator and many other gadgets are operated by Electric Energy

Atomic Energy

The molecules have hidden energy in them. Atomic reactions produce atomic energy which is used to produce electrical energy. Atomic bombs are prepared by making use of Atomic energy.

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