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India’ s Struggle for Freedom

India’ s Struggle for Freedom


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India’ s Struggle For freedom

In the middle of 19th century, many political associations were formed. Henry Louis Vivian Derozio spread the massage of patriotism,political independence and revolutionary ideas throuth theYoung Bengal in Bengal.In this way great work done by the associations. Formation of Indian National Congress In1885 Indian National Congress was formed.A.O.Hume was very sympathetic towords Indian.He knew the unrest among the indians and could foresee the revolt. He wanted to keep secure the British rule in india. So to finish the opposition in indians, he suggested the formation of an organisation at the national level. So he formed the Indian National congress.

Early objects of the Congress
To eradicate caste system, religious and regional differences and the feelings of unity. To gather the ideas of the indian intelligentsia on important social and political subjects. To determine the social welfare works and objectives of the congress changed from time to time.

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