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Published by: uzaimy on Oct 04, 2011
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This book is intended for those people who sell. For the most part that
means the "field sales representative" rather than the broader sense of
someone who sells in, for instance, a retail shop. Job titles are many and
varied in this area, including: Sales Executive, Salesman, Sales
Consultant, Technical Representative, and many more.
The word salesman is still commonly used as the simplest way of
referring to this category of people, while excluding others (such as retail)
who would logically come under the more general heading of sales
person. This word is therefore used in the text, together with other terms
for the sake of variety, and none of this is intended to imply that all who
do this job are men. They are not. What is more the proportion of women
in many a sales team seems to be growing; something that indicates that
they are potentially at least as good as selling as their male colleagues,
and, in some instances, better.
It is also hoped that the book will be useful to those who manage and
assist salesmen; Sales Managers; Sales Directors; Sales Trainers and, in
some organisations other managers also. One last category who may well
find the book a useful reference are non-sales people, those who despite
having a background in administration or the technical side of the
company, are actually personally involved in the sales process no matter
what their job title may say.
The emphasis throughout is on the practicalities of the field sales job
and on proven techniques that are already working for many and which
are readily available to others to take advantage of in their business.
Whether you sell products or services and whatever the industry in which
you work, the intention is that you will find here ideas that you can use to
help you increase sales in future.


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