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Inter Stella Star- Generations -1x01 Pilot Draft 3

Inter Stella Star- Generations -1x01 Pilot Draft 3

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Published by: Ryan 'Half Nelson' Gray-Mccoy on Oct 04, 2011
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Interstella Star: Generations 1x01 Pilot By Ryan Gray-McCoy

COLD OPEN 1 INT. STELLAR STAR - BRIDGE The Stellar Star is an average size ship, and the bridge looks like something out of a crappy 60s sci fi show, lots of bright flashy buttons that don’t have any purpose. CAPTAIN MAXWELL HOLT [Early 30s, average height and build, captain] relaxing in a chair in the middle of the bridge, everyone else is in distress. In front of his chair is a small control desk, with a few dials and buttons. To his left is VIVIAN HARTSON [Early 30s, Mexican, quite attractive, but always angry, first mate] is busy working computer screens on a desk. To Holt’s right is WYATT WHEDON [Early 40s, really muscular, silent, Defensive officer] typing on a computer, working firing systems. At the head of the bridge is TNORME GANTHAX [Small green alien, pilot]. He’s working a large desk with lots of dials and controls. All of the crew wear matching Star Alliance uniforms. TNORME Fuel levels are dropping! Fast! VIVIAN I’m relocating the power from the right engine room the to upper levels! HOLT (absentmindedly) Why don’t I have a spinny chair? VIVIAN What are we going to do Holt? HOLT Buy a new chair VIVIAN I meant about the fleet attacking us! HOLT Oh- Them. Wyatt, you’re our arms man, can’t you do something? ANGLE ON WYATT shaking his head. ANGLE ON TNORME tapping a radar.


CONTINUED: TNORME Missiles incoming! HOLT Tnorme, do some ’JEEEER’ ’JEEEEER’ stuff! Holt makes motions of how Tnorme pilots the ship. TNORME What? HOLT You know, the sound the engines make! TNORME Sure thing sir


The Stellar Star gets hit by a missles and the bridge is shaken badly. TNORME hits his head on the controls, and red material starts spewing out of it. WYATT’s screens go black. VIVAN Wyatt, can you at least hit them with a level six crystal beam? WYATT shakes his head again. VIVIAN (noticing Tnorme) Holt! Tnorme is unconscious! A communications video with PHYSICIAN [late 30s, good looking, British, wears a lab coat with a bow tie, doctor of the ship] pops up on Holt’s on their main screen. PHYSICIAN (aloof) Maxxie! I see Tnorme’s vitals have dropped! Well, when I say dropped I mean plummeted. And by plummeted, I mean he’s dying. I’m coming to the bridge now! The video communications cuts out. HOLT See! I knew something would come along! A new video communication pops up, this time we see MOXXU [a Skirrth alien, tall and threatening, similar to a Klingon] (CONTINUED)



MOXXU Halt, Holt! HOLT (addressing Vivian) Is he talking to me? Or about the ship? VIVIAN To you! HOLT Are you sure? VIVIAN YES! HOLT (to Moxxu) Were you talking to me? MOXXU YES! HOLT Oh, sorry! Continue. HOLT takes a bow and motions with his hands as an ironic sign of respect. MOXXU Are you aware of the crimes you have committed? HOLT (unaware) Crimes? MOXXU It is Skirrth law to state the crimes of the accused before they are executed. VIVIAN What did you do?! HOLT I don’t know? MOXXU You are charged with the unlawful behavior towards my wife V’Klo! VIVIAN Did you-


CONTINUED: HOLT No! (beat) Maybe. VIVIAN You’re disgusting. HOLT Didn’t stop you from wanting a slice of Captain Pie, Vivian. VIVIAN We had been bitten by those pheromone flowers on Sicorae! I couldn’t help myself! HOLT Yeah well, apples and oranges. VIVIAN How are you comparing these two things! You slept with one of them! I have to think the Star Alliance will frown on this! The Skirrth are a Star Alliance protected race! MOXXU coughs. The PHYSICIAN enters the room running. PHYSICIAN Is that a Skirrth! Oh I love a Skirrth! Wait is there a trial going on? Are we under attack? HOLT What did you think the shaking the ship? PHYSICIAN (unsure) Large... Alien... I don’t have a clue. I’ll just stitch Tnorme up then. MOXXU crosses his arms and coughs again, getting impatient. MOXXU Kirr Holt! You are not taking this seriously! This is yet another disgrace to the Skirrth race. HOLT Don’t take anything seriously, it’s my number one rule!





MOXXU Your charges have been read. Your life is now forfeit to my Moxxu of the Vargii Skirrth clan! HOLT This is all a little over the top don’t you think? I mean I only slept with your wife. She wasn’t even that great. You could say I was almost doing you a favor teaching her some new moves. VIVIAN You pig! MOXXU This is the final outrage! Prepare yourselves for death! HOLT Well I’m not going to take this sitting down! Tnorme turn this ship around. ANGLE ON TNORME being patched up by PHYSICIAN. HOLT Oh. Uh- Physician would you mind just making the ship go "VEEEEEEER" PHYSICIAN Sure thing, Maxxie! PHYSICIAN immediately drops Tnorme’s limp arm that he was stitching up and starts playing with the piloting controls. 2 EXT. SPACE We see the Stellar Star turn around to face a fleet of 20 Skirrth ships. 3 INT. STELLAR STAR - BRIDGE HOLT Because you’ve made a mistake, a big big mistake, a huge mistake, there’s one thing you never put in a trap if you’re smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow there’s one thing never ever put in a trap...


CONTINUED: MOXXU What? ANGLE ON VIVIAN thinking. HOLT Me! VIVIAN Is that fromPHYSICIAN Inspector Space Time! VIVIAN Oh god. HOLT Wyatt! weapons ready! And Fire!


CUT TO: 4 EXT. DESERT - DAY A desert with red sand, two suns in the sky. Nothing around for miles. VIVIAN, HOLT, TNORME, PHYSICIAN, WYATT are surrounded by pieces of an escape pod. VIVIAN Well that went well. END OF COLD OPEN


CONTINUED: ACT 1 5 EXT. DESERT BANKS - DAY Everyone walking along the desert in single file. PHYSICIAN is playing with a small electronic device, waving it around in the air, being silly with it. HOLT Things could be worse! VIVIAN How could it be worse Holt? We’re stranded on a planet, with no supplies and no ship. TNORME You know at my home planet at a time like this we’d sing a song. TNORME starts humming some notes. VIVIAN (threatening) Tnorme! TNORME stops. PHYSICIAN Got it! HOLT Got what, Phizz? PHYSICIAN Oh, it’s just a wee phaser activated watch, but I’ve re wired the star driver to go through theEveryone has no idea what he’s talking about. PHYSICIAN It’s a map. HOLT I thought you were just a medical practitioner! PHYSICIAN Well, I’m a doctor of machines as well. Anywho, there’s a village about half in hour in thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat direction.


During the "Thaaaaaat" He’s spinning around trying to work out the area where the town is.


They look unsure of Physician’s decision, but follow him anyway. 6 INT. SKIRRTH SHIP - BRIDGE MOXXU is sitting in the captain chair of his ship, eyes shut and very angry. MOXXU Can someone on the ship tell me, HOW OUR ENTIRE FLEET COULDN’T KILL A SINGLE HUMAN? All of the other Skirrth on board look down at the ground sheepishly. MOXXU HMMMMMMM? ANSWER ME! SKIRRTH #1 It appears they had an improvised cloaking device on their shuttle. (short beat) But we have located the planet they landed on and will we’re heading towards their location now. MOXXU GOOD! I want Holt’s head in my hands before this day is through! A second Skirrth from the crew raises a hand to talk. SKIRRTH #2 Kirr Moxxu, do you think that maybe we’re taking this a bit too far? He did teach her some good moves after all. MOXXU What?! SKIRRTH #2 Nothing! It’s just, she really wasn’t that good in bed before Holt. Moxxu pulls out a scary alien gun and shoots Skirrth #2. MOXXU Did anyone else sleep with MY WIFE? One Skirrth goes to raise a hand but the one next to him hits it down.


CONTINUED: MOXXU Good. Now let’s kill Maxwell Holt.


CUT TO 7 EXT. DESERT TOWN - DAY A trading town bustling with lots of different alien species, again, most of whom are muppets, all selling (mostly illegal) items. Just think of Anakin’s hometown in the best Star Wars movie. The crew are walk into the city and just stop infront of the city walls (within the town) PHYSICIAN See! I told you we’d get there! HOLT Good work Phizz! Alright here’s the plan we’re going to split up into 2 groups. Vivian, Wyatt and Physician you’re going to go find us a ship. Tnorme, we’re going to go on a uh- secret mission. VIVIAN Nope. HOLT What? VIVIAN I’m going with you. I don’t want you spending all of our money on something stupid. HOLT How did you know I was going to spend money? VIVIAN Because that’s what you do! HOLT Well fine I suppose you can come along if you really want to. TNORME Should we worry about Moxxu coming after us? HOLT Naaaah, he must think we’re dead by now. PHYSICIAN and WYATT exit left of the camera. (CONTINUED)



TNORME, HOLT and VIVIAN exit to the right of the camera. The camera stays stationary and MOXXU enters with an entourage of 3 other Skirrth; BYOTA, NKOIA and DEEMA from around the corner of the city walls. MOXXU You two (pointing to NKOIA and DEEMA) Search that area! You! (Pointing to BYOTA) Follow me! CUT TO TRACKING SHOT - PHYSICIAN and WYATT walking through the junkyard town’s streets. PHYSICIAN What kind of ship were you thinking we should get? Pause for response PHYSICIAN I was thinking it should be one of the firefly class, but after that one case where one was destroyed after only season in the sky it makes me pretty worried. Pause PHYSICIAN Well then maybe we should get a Hayclon, I hear they’re solid ships. Pause. PHYSICIAN You don’t talk much do you? Wyatt shakes his head. PHYSICIAN That’s fantastic! I hope you don’t mind how much I talk. They can get away from me sometimes. You know words. But I could probably just go on forever, talking. A longer amount of silence. PHYSICIAN stops walking. WYATT keeps walking.




PHYSICIAN So you REALLY don’t talk? Like at all? PHYSICIAN Doesn’t that get boring? I mean there’s just so much to say in life! WYATT Guns speak louder than words. PHYSICIAN sprints to catch up with WYATT. PHYSICIAN (awkwardly) Well, as you know, a doctor, I don’t really like guns that much. (beat) I wonder what the Holt’s secret project is. The two veer off to the right of the camera. Camera stays stationary and DEEMA and NKOIA walk into the shot, and then into a stall in the opposite direction that PHYSICIAN and WYATT walked off in. 8 INT. STALL - DAY A small messy store with loads of junk everywhere. All of it looks broken. The MANAGER [A redish muppet alien, talks like cookie monster] wearing white and looking very dirty, is standing behind a counter. Two TEENAGE ALIENS are putting things onto shelves. DEEMA Have you seen any of these men? MANAGER (thinking) Ehhhhhhhhhh. Me seen no strangers. NKOIA pulls out a very scary weapon and points it at the MANAGER. MANAGER What you think point gun at me help me remember? NKOIA and DEEMA look at each other, NKOIA shurgs and then pulls the trigger. The two turn around and to face the younger people in the shop. TEENAGER #1 points outside of the shop in a random direction (CONTINUED)



NKOIA and DEEMA leave the shop in the direction previously pointed out. TEENAGER #2 (in alien w/subtitles) Did you actually see those guys? TEENAGER #1 (in alien w/subtitles) No. But I’d rather lie than get shot. TEENAGER #2 shrugs and they both go back to working. CUT TO TNORME, VIVAN and HOLT walking through the town. VIVIAN YOU WANT WHAT? HOLT A robot. VIVIAN BUT WHY? HOLT Why do you think our ship crashed? VIVAN Because you were more worried about having a spinning chair than the battle! HOLT I forgot about that! We have to buy a spinny chair as well! VIVIAN And you turned the ship around to face a FLEET OF 15 SKIRRTH SHIPS! TNORME Well you know what I think, I think we lost because we didn’t sing a song. VIVAN SINGING A SONG IS NOT GOING TO HELP US WIN A FIGHT! TNORME You don’t know that!




HOLT Yeah! Leave Tnorme alone Vivian! (to Tnorme) You’ve got a lovely singing voice, and next time I’d love for you to sing when we’re next fighting! ANGLE ON VIVIAN upset. HOLT Here’s the place! They’re standing out side of the seediest shack in the entirety of this seedy town. VIVIAN Here? TNORME Here? HOLT Here! Holt leads the walk in. 9 INT. SCUMMY STALL - DAY Very very disgusting looking stall, ten times messier than the stall we saw before. Inside is GRUNT (Ugly, small and fat alien, manager of the stall). He rushes up to greet them. GRUNT Come in! Come in! Come in! Please check out our lovely supply of electronics! HOLT We’re here for a robot! GRUNT A robot! We’ve got pleanty of robots! What one do you want? TNORME Holt sir, how much money do we even have? HOLT Enough. VIVIAN Enough?


CONTINUED: HOLT Well, we buy the robot, then we use the robot to help steal the ship. VIVAN Buying a robot to steal a ship? This is your worse plan yet! HOLT So you’re saying that sleeping with Moxxu’s wife, making their entire fleet of ships chase after us, then turning around to face them head on was a better idea than buying a robot? VIVIAN That’s not what I meant! GRUNT I couldn’t help but overhear you talking, and you’ll be wanting a battle robot? HOLT One that can really do some damage! At first I liked the idea of one of those huge mobile suites, but something smaller would probably work just as well. GRUNT Well, unfortunately we’re all out of those suits, but we just got this fine humanoid-type here in the other day!


GRUNT walks the group over to a dusty looking humanoid robot, E-102 "STEPHEN" HOLT What can he do? GRUNT Oh- uh- What can’t he do? He’s got like robot vision. And uhrobot hands! GRUNT has no idea what he’s talking about. HOLT That sounds amazing! GRUNT I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet, it comes with a free chair! (CONTINUED)



HOLT Does it spin? GRUNT Sure! VIVIAN face palms. TNORME shakes his head/body. HOLT I’ll take him! VIVIAN You haven’t even seen what he looks like started up! HOLT Actually that’s a good point Vivian! (to Grunt) Can you flick it on? GRUNT Uh- Yeah, sure! GRUNT turns E-102 on. E-102 (to Grunt) Hello, so are you my master? HOLT Nope. That would be me. E-102 (disappointed) Oh. HOLT What’s the supposed to mean? E-102 Nothing, it’s just I don’t like humans. HOLT You don’t like humans? E-102 They’re just so alive? HOLT And aliens aren’t? E-102 Not as alive as humans...




HOLT That’s the most speciest thing I’ve ever heard! (beat) Is speciest a word? E-102 Heh, I am who I am. And yes it is. TNORME (to Vivian) That is the most real android I’ve ever come across. E-102 (noticing Tnorme) Ayeee! An alien! Now there’s someone I can love! VIVIAN (Jealous) I’m an alien. HOLT Really? Really? VIVIAN YOU FOUND ME ON MY HOMEPLANET! E-102 My robot vision can confirm that she is in fact not human. So hey, you want to get up on this? VIVIAN (in disgust) He’s like a robot you! (to Holt) HOLT I like him. E-102 Well I don’t quite like you. HOLT How would you like to be my first mate? VIVIAN I’m the first mate! HOLT (brushing her off) You can be like the linguist or something. TNORME


CONTINUED: VIVIAN I’m a trained pilot! HOLT Well Tnorme’s our pilot, so you can’t do that. TNORME You know! I’m actually a linguist! HOLT Oh awesome! You can totally be the linguist! You can pilot Viv! E-102 It’s like musical chairs, but with jobs! HOLT So you want to join uh? E-102 I’m E-102! But you know most Robots just call me Stephen. HOLT Do you want be the first mate? E-102 Maybe, what’s your ship like? HOLT Uhhh, about that... MOXXU and BYOTA enters with their guns pulled out. MOXXU HOLT!!! GRUNT Hey no guns in here! MOXXU shoots him. MOXXU Now you die Holt! He’s just about to shoot him when BYOTA stops him. BYOTA STOP! We can’t kill him yet! Skirrth law! He must be trialed infront of at least 3 more Skirrth!


MOXXU snorts loudly and leaves. BYOTA pulls out some rope and walks towards HOLT, VIVIAN, E-102 and TNORME. (CONTINUED)



HOLT Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit... END OF ACT ONE

ACT TWO 10 EXT. DESERT - DAY TNORME, HOLT, VIVIAN and E-102 are tied up and being pulled along by MOXXU. VIVIAN (immitating Holt) Oh hey let’s buy a robot! Nothing could go wrong here! Oh look Moxxu’s chasing after us! Oh look he’s going to kill us. HOLT Maybe things could have gone a bit better. E-102 Skirrth law is weird, they can kill that shop keeper without a trial, but you have to have one to kill Holt and us. Weird. TNORME (quietly) Guys, guys, I’ve got plan. VIVIAN We’re not singing a song. TNORME hangs his head.




HOLT I might have to agree with Viv this time, but it’s ok because I have a planE-102 Are we going to steal Moxxu’s ship? HOLT Wow. That is a much better plan. And that’s why you have to be the first mate! E-102 I’ll think about it. The group arrive at Moxxu’s ship. MOXXU You sit! They all stay standing. MOXXU (waving his gun) SIT! E-102 Whoa take chill pill... MOXXU turns around and gives him a death stare, and they sit down. VIVIAN (to E-102) Shut up! MOXXU walks into his ship. 11 INT. MOXXU’S SMALLER SHIP - BRIDGE A similar interior to the Stellar Star from the beginning. MOXXU picks up a telephone. MOXXU Nkonia, Deema get here! I’ve found them. CUT TO:



EXT. DESERT TOWN - DAY PHIZZ and WYATT are closer to the camera walking along, and in the background of the shot are DEEMA and NKOIA turn and walk away. WYATT stops PHIZZ from walking by raising his arm. PHYSICIAN What? WYATT nods to Deema and NKOIA. PHYSICIAN Oh Skirrth! They’re after us aren’t they! Should we run? Oh wait, no, they’re walking away! So we don’t do anything? Wyatt turns around to follow them. PHYSICIAN Are we sure that’s a good idea? I mean they’re huge. Oh we’re leaving. Ok that’s fine. CUT TO:


EXT. MOXXU’S SHIP - DAY The gang are all still tied up outside of the ship. TNORME Are you sure a songEVERYONE No! TNORME Fine, I just thought it might help us out. DEEMA and NKOIA enter. MOXXU leaves the ship. MOXXU Now that everyone is here we will begin the second trial. E-102 A second trial? He banged your wife and you’re giving him a second trial? HOLT (to E-102) How do you know that?




E-102 Oh, I’m part psychic robot. HOLT (to Vivian) He’s a PSYCHIC ROBOT! (to E-102) You have to be part of the crew! E-102 Eh... MOXXU Quiet! You continue to disgrace our presence! HOLT If I can take him down will you join our crew? E-102 I might do. HOLT stands up. HOLT Moxxu! I challenge you to a fight to the death! If I win, we go free and get your ship. MOXXU When I win, then I will kill all of you! MOXXU cuts HOLT’s bound hands. The two being to fight in a really campy style, almost identical to the fight scene with Kirk and the Gorn. CUT TO: 14 EXT. DESERT BANKS - DAY PHIZZ and WYATT lying down on some banks a little bit away from the ship. PHIZZ is watching what’s going on with binoculars, WYATT has a gun out and is aiming. PHYSICIAN What should we do? Holt’s in the way! You won’t be be able to hit him CUT TO:



EXT. MOXXU’S SHIP - DAY The fight between MOXXU and HOLT continues. ANGLE ON VIVIAN, next to her is E-102 standing up, untied. E-102 Should I help him? It looks like he’s struggling. VIVIAN (shocked) WHOA! When did you get free? E-102 About the time the fight started... VIVIAN Well it doesn’t bother me either wayE-102 Oh- It totally does! You’re so into him! VIVIAN Don’t be disgusting. E-102 My attractor-meter is reading a 10. VIVIAN You have an attractor-meter? E-102 You’d be surprised at the amount of things they put inside robots these days. VIVIAN Do what you want, I don’t care. E-102 (walking in to help holt) You so do care. VIVIAN DO NOT! ANGLE ON HOLT AND MOXXU, E-102 joins the fight, and instead of fighting campy, starts kicking ass! But then DEEMA and NKOIA join the fight as well. CUT TO:



EXT. DESERT BANKS - DAY WYATT lines up his shot, and hits DEEMA square in the head. PHYSICIAN Wow! You really went to town on him. That was pretty amazing. What do we do now? Wyatt gets up crouching low and walks closer PHYSICIAN (CONTD) Oh, keep walking. Yep. Sure great plan. CUT TO:


EXT. MOXXU’S SHIP - DAY The fight pauses for a second, as DEEMA falls to the ground! HOLT Haha! Wyatt old boy I knew you’d find us! MOXXU pulls out a gun and shoots at the banks. CUT TO:


EXT. DESERT BANKS - DAY They’re still both crouched down low and walking towards ship. The shot misses them both. PHYSICIAN You’re never going to hit us! Another hit comes and lands quite close to them. PHYSICIAN Ah! CUT TO:


EXT. MOXXU’S SHIP - DAY ANGLE ON VIVIAN AND TNORME still tied up. VIVIAN (to Tnorme) We should make the most of this occasion, aaaaaaand escape.




TNORME Good idea, but first! TNORME starts humming. VIVAN Tnorme, I really don’t think this is the right time to sing! TNORME (angry) VIVIAN! I’m just going to sing one freaking song! VIVIAN (quietly) Ok... TNORME start singing his song. It’s in alien, and sounds like pop music. TNORME (subtitles) We will kill all of you. We will use your skulls to make our thrones. Your defense is useless. You are better than us in only one way; dying. ANGLE ON MOXXU AND NKOIA, they double over and start screaming when Tnorme begins his song. Everyone looks confused. PHYSICIAN and WYATT enter. WYATT runs over to NKOIA and breaks his neck. HOLT Nice! Good work Tnorme! PHYSICIAN So we’ve won?! TNORME My people’s song drains the life of the Skirrth. Quite convinient. HOLT (to E-102) Those were some good fighting skills, back there. We really could use you apoard the ship! ANGLE ON MOXXU, he struggles to lift up the gun.




MOXXU Die Holt! Everyone but E-102 screams. HOLT gets hit and falls over. END OF ACT TWO

ACT THREE VIVIAN runs over to HOLT and holds him in her arms. WYATT shoots MOXXU in the head. VIVIAN (crying) Holt! You can’t be dead! You’re the captain! HOLLLLLTTTT!!! E-102 I knew you were into him. VIVIAN Shut up! He’s dead! E-102 No he’s not. VIVIAN What? HOLT coughs, and slowly sits up. HOLT Yeah, I turned on my laser forcefield as soon as Moxxu came into that shop. VIVIAN (back to angry) AND YOU DIDN’T GET US ONE?




HOLT I was the one they wanted to kill! Wyatt, pass me that gun? WYATT throws HOLT a gun. HOLT shoots MOXXU in the head again. HOLT Just to be sure. TNORME That was a bit far don’t you think? WYATT shakes his head. HOLT Vivian, do you have something to say to Tnorme? VIVIAN (quietly) Sorry. HOLT What? VIVIAN Sorry! TNORME Oh that’s ok Viv! I know you can get a bit stressed some times. VIVIAN I DON’T GET(large exhale) Maybe I do have a few stress related problems. HOLT Phizz, did you find a ship? PHYSICIAN The ship, ah, yes, that. Um, No. HOLT I was hoping you hadn’t, I was planning on stealing this ship. The gang start to walk into Moxxu’s ship slowly. E-102 You mean MY plan to steal the ship.




PHYSICIAN (pointing at E-102) Who’s this guy? E-102 Just call me Stephen. PHYSICIAN (to Holt) Robot? HOLT He’s so human-like! TNORME is the last person to head into the ship is in. 20 INT. INTERSTELLAR STAR - BRIDGE The ship is very similar to the Stella Star, only more flashy lights that don’t do anything to make it look better. We get a montage of shots of the crew admiring different parts of the ship. HOLT So Viv, could pilot this ship? VIVIAN walks over to the controls VIVIAN I think I can work my way around it. HOLT Wyatt, you can work the weapons fine? WYATT nods. HOLT Tnorme, can you (beat) What does a linguist do? TNORME Oh, well, I just read and translate every alien language we come across. HOLT We’re in the 31st century and we don’t have a machine for that yet? Well, hope you have a good time... reading? (turns to face E-102) So the final question, will you be joining us? (CONTINUED)



ANGLE ON E-102 thinks hard about Holt’s question. E-102 You know, you took that shot quite well back there, so yeah, I’m in. BUT she needs a name. HOLT How about... The S.S. Tortoise? VIVIAN That’s disgusting. HOLT Do you have a better one? E-102 The Interstella Star. HOLT Wow, that is so much better! HOLT sits down on the captain’s chair. VIVIAN You know, I have a feeling that the Star Planet Alliance isn’t going to be happy about all this, stealing a new ship and all. HOLT Well we’ll just have to deal with that when we run into them next, and with this new ship, it’s probably going to be a while. So for now let’s just enjoy this new ship we have, Vivian, why don’t you take her up, up to the final frontier! The crew groan, and VIVIAN starts the ship. 21 EXT. SPACE The Interstella Star is taking off the desert planet. HOLT Damn it! I forgot about the spiny chair! INSERT: TITLE CARD. END OF ACT THREE




TAG 22 INT. INTERSTELLAR STAR - BRIDGE Everyone has gone to sleep and except for E-102 and Vivian who’s still piloting the ship. VIVIAN looks like she’s about to fall asleep at the wheel. E-102 I can take over for you if you want? You look quite tired. VIVIAN Thanks, (beat) You know, you’re not that bad. E-102 Get some rest. VIVIAN leaves the bridge. E-102 opens up a video channel on the screen to SHADOWY FIGURE who has a single red flashing eye (And that’s all we can see) E-102 I’ve infiltrated a Star Alliance ship, Master. SHADOWY FIGURE Good... Good... We’re one step closer to destroying them... The shadowy figure beings to laugh in a silly way SHADOWY FIGURE How was that laugh? It’s my new evil laugh. E-102 (lying) It was great!


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