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Published by: Vostok2009 on Oct 04, 2011
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snaking away into the distance, holding at bay the great

wilderness. He felt a sense of excitement at the thought of once

more entering the border regions, and followed custom by throwing

a stone at the wall. The sandstorms outside the Wall were perilous,

the way would be hard, and according to tradition, if a traveller

threw a stone at the wall as he passed through the Jiayu Gate, he

would be able to return alive.

He travelled by day, rested by night. After he had passed the Jade

Gate and Anxi, the desert changed colour gradually from pale to

dark yellow, and then slowly turned to grey as he skirted the Gobi.

The region was uninhabited, containing nothing but endless

expanses of broad desert.

He passed through the Stellar Gorge, the main link between Gansu

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