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have eaten?"

The crowd laughed heartily, but Afanti just stroked his large beard

and smiled. After a while, the hubbub died down, and he said: "You

say that wheat seeds that have been eaten cannot be planted. Well,

how can the chicken that the labourer ate lay any eggs?"

The crowd thought for a second, and then cried out: "Yes, that's

right, how can a chicken that's been eaten lay eggs?" Everyone

began shouting and laughing and lifted Afanti up onto their


Seeing the crowd's reaction, Master Hu had no alternative but to

announce: "The labourer should pay one hundred copper pieces to

the innkeeper in return for the chicken he ate."

The labourer happily handed over the string of copper coins to the

innkeeper. "I wouldn't dare to eat on of your chickens again," he


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