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image in the mirror, her face stern and pale and full of anger.

"I trust you are well, Madame?" he said, hurriedly turning to face

her. He escorted her to the couch where she took a seat, and then

dismissed the eunuchs with a wave of her hand.

There was a moment's silence.

"The slaves say you have not been well today," she began in a deep

voice. "They said you did not hold court this morning and haven't

eaten, so I have come to see you."

"I am better now," he replied. "It was just that I ate something

fatty which made me a little uncomfortable. It was nothing. I would

not have dared to have bothered Your Highness about it."

"Huh! Was it Muslim fat or Chinese fat?" she said, to Qian Long's


"I think some roast lamb I ate last night disagreed with me," he


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