Brainstorm: What other words can we use for this topic?

Who are your Heroes? Kim Dae Jung •Did what he believed was right •Fought for democracy •Improved relations with North Korea with his Sunshine Policy •Won the Nobel Peace Prize Chung Ju-Yung •Came from a poor family •Went to school despite having to work on a farm •Worked incredibly hard •Overcame his difficulties to achieve success .

medicine and technology •Supported literature •Fought for equal rights in America •Insisted on non-violence •Received the Nobel Peace Prize •Died for his beliefs. .King Sejong Martin Luther King •Created hangul •Improved science.



•What makes a hero? •What kind of people do we admire? .

Who do you admire? A family member? A sportsperson? A person from history? Police or army person? An artist? A performer? A politician?  a TV / film personality? A scientist or inventor? A musician? .

You don’t have to choose someone famous! .

I admire – prepare a short speech    Who do you admire? Why do you admire them: what qualities do they have that you so admire? Give examples and explain Features of your speaking     Interesting opening and closing Speak with confidence Make sure we can hear you! Clear pronunciation .

Checklist for effective descriptive writing THINK ABOUT: Opening/ introducing characters  Techniques for introducing characters .

Top tips!     Grab the listener with your first lines Use dialogue or ask the listeners a question Perhaps describe a dramatic event Introduce something memorable .

Endings Maybe…       Make a comment about the resolution. Looking to the future. . Use dialogue. Link back to your opening. Use a question. Reflecting on your writing and perhaps providing a moral.

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