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on site Civil Engineering for Power plant equipment * On Site civil engineering for 33/66/132/220 KV switchyards, transformers

, control room, cable trenches, roads and fencing works. Quality control and Quality assurance job,testing at site and laboratory test required to be carried out for various building materials,Etc. • Preparing of construction plan, including detailed specifications, estimation for civil work including tender specifications and terms and conditions for material suppliers and analysis of rates, evaluation of technical details of vendors offers and related commercials. *Preparing & Checking tender specification • MIS reports of work progress • Interface with Government authorities, contractors and vendors *Submission of building planto local authorities and getting statutory clearances

1. To implement and ensure maintenance of quality

management systems for Projects 2. To carry out Technical supervision of ongoing civil work such as Layout, Strata, RCC Work, concreting, masonry, plastering, flooring, waterproofing, painting, plumbing etc., at all stages. 3. To check the quality of all the materials (cement, steel, tiles, sand, etc) received on site and prepare quality reports, defects, if any. 4. To check the stacking and storage of materials in various godowns and stores of the site with neatness. 5. To check and keep control on the wastage of material at site.

To coordinate with different contractors. 9. To coordinate testing of materials wherever applicable and ensure specified quality standards are adhered to. To prepare MIS on monthly basis. Knowledge of MS Projects. measurements. • To assist the project manager in the civil works at site. agencies to maintain and improve quality of construction work. 8. ob Description • Executing the RCC & Finishing Work of Commercial Building/ IT Park etc. billing & liaison with statutory bodies. etc. To coordinate areas of QC work with other departments work i. 7. • Regular reporting of material status and progress of work at site. daily progress report. etc. To check completed projects / building which are ready for possession. • Supervise civil and structural works as per consultant drawings. 10. Knowledge of civil works. civil engineering process. . Desired Profile    Knowledge of computerized project planning techniques.6.e. monthly consumption reports. • To ensure receipt of right quality and quantity of material and testing of the same. supervision of contractor’s work. • Keeping track of bills and ensures timely payments to contractors.

Puts up the requisition for material. Thorough knowledge of Estimate. Labour and Equipments for the day’s work. Reports on daily progress against planned to Project Engineer. j. etc. b. Clarification on non conformances and special requirements from Project Engineer. should be able to check & certify bills as per measurements at site and according to Tender document/ Bill of Quantities(BOQ). g.  o. m. Pre Plan the work in consultation with Project Engineer. k. at least 7 days in advance to PQS & puts up the requisition for Project Engineer. Machinery and labour requirements. Note: Specific Engineer responsibility (with regards to site activity) shall be allocated by Project Manager depending on site requirements. & forward the same to PQS and Project Engineer.A Bills. Quality to be checked for minimum of 60% of daily work done. Arranging material. Monthly muster reports prepared. . at Random. Preparation of Consolidated report of all activities of the day. l. i. e. Planning of Daily work as per the instruction from Project Engineer. Must have handled large projects of appreciable values. Check whether outputs reported by supervisor are concurring at site and ensure that required efficiency is obtained. Labour and equipments for the days work. d. R. After checking the labour & Subcontract Bills forward it to Project Engineer. Responsible for all lab tests conducted in the concerned activity. Plan for material.Read technical specification on daily basis with supervisors and interpreting the same to Supervisors. n. f. c. Quantity survey. h. Rate Analysis.   SAP is an added advantage. BE Civil or Dip Civil . Assuring the implementation of quality & Safety aspects at Site. Running Abstract Bills. Contractors Billing.

•Preparation of material. To check all incoming materials at site and TC’s • To conduct pre pour and post pour inspection • To conduct in process checking • To send cube sample to the laboratory • To monitor RTD • To verify the documents used in sites • To perform testing of aggregates and concrete . material approval submittable (MAS). •Project performance monitoring and preparation of MPRs. Studying tender documents (GCC. Responsible for project scheduling and preparation of construction programs & ensure smooth execution of project •Budget preparations along with rate analysis. master list of materials and monthly RA Bills.Should be able to handle latest software of Civil Engineering. •Preparation of daily progress report and monthly progress report. SCC). mentoring and monitoring performance of site team members to insure schedules. Getting Daily Progress Reports from site and recommending corrective actions to ensure schedules. •Leading. • •Preparing method statements. •Project planning and scheduling. specifications and drawings. manpower & machinery estimate forecast and cash flow. resource plan and allocation of resources.

consultants and most important.     Preparation of interim payment certificates. Calculating the quantity of constituent materials from the drawings in advance to facilitate the purchasing of items Generation of client bill as per required formats Maintain & update Payment Records. Area of responsibilities (territory) All over country. certifying Sub-Contractor's Bills. Preparation of interim payment certificates. Timely submission of bills to the clients Preparation and timely submission of monthly MIS Report Responsible for ensuring smooth implementation of specific Contracting assignments and to achieve successful closure of these specific contracts. within our own team. Desired Profile Candidate should possess exposure in the following areas with 2 to 8 years of experience in Residential & Commercial Projects. primarily looking after projects in North India. . Mission of the department of the position To place it amongst ‘Market Leaders’ and inspire trust with clients. General position purpose & brief description of the position To ensure that the agreement requirements are complied to and the project is executed as per prudent engineering practices.• To maintain records of all QA/QC function at site. certifying sub-contractor's Bills.

 To coordinate with various sub-contractors / suppliers.  To arrange client’s inspection. such as engineering.  To ensure complete coordination between various functions. prepare and maintain site activity record and carry out performance tests on the installation. for timely deliveries and completion of various activities. . execution and client so as to facilitate smooth implementation of various activities.  To identify and firm up the final schedule of quantities for the specific project.  To coordinate the site activities with other agencies and client. Review and to have complete understanding of the provisions of contract agreement and coordinate the activities related to that project with the Client and Consultant. List of Tasks (Informative list)  To formulate PERT chart and make basic project completion and Activity schedule in accordance with the contract completion period.  To ensure the quality of work carried out at project sites and undertake routine quality audits/checks to ensure and enforce the same. etc.

.  Support the engineering team and documentation team by providing specific site input data and status details. Follow up for measurement. for them to perform their function effectively. payments and other related activities specific to the project. etc.

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