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Dig for Childrens Remains Begins at Canadas Oldest Residential School

Sovereign Mohawk Nation commences groundbreaking investigation of mass murder by Church and State Video: BRANTFORD, ONTARIO Elders of the Mohawk Nation in collaboration with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its Secretary, Kevin Annett, announced today the commencement of forensic excavations on the grounds of the oldest Indian residential school in Canada - the Mohawk Institute run by the Church of England. Frustrated by the ongoing whitewash by the Canadian government of the murder of residential school children by Catholic and Protestant churches, the Sovereign Mohawk nation of Grand River has begun digging for childrens remains to finally give them a proper burial and bring to trial those who killed them, to quote Mohawk elder Bill Squire. Squire and eight other Mohawk elders have granted authorization to Kevin Annett and the ITCCS to conduct Ground Penetrating Radar surveys and excavations at the Brantford residential school in order to bring the evidence obtained to International tribunals and human rights courts. Initial evidence obtained at these digs today confirmed eyewitness accounts of the deaths and burial of children at the Brantford school, as well as the cover up of their remains. The Mohawk elders and the ITCCS are issuing a call to other indigenous nations to commence similar excavations at former Indian residential schools across Canada, rather than rely on the Canadian government and its churches for justice or disclosure. Further updates will be released as the excavations continue. For information contact the ITCCS and Kevin Annett at and Media Contact: Bill Squire Appointed Spokesperson, Wolf Clan Tel. (519) 757-3624 For more information on the organized crime schemes implemented by the Vatican and other religions, you can visit: