Blu-ray Disc recordable refers to two optical disc formats that can be recorded with an optical disc

recorder. BD-R discs can be written to once, whereas BD-RE can be erased and re-recorded multiple times. As of December 2006, BD-R/RE drives up to 4x retail for about $750 and 2x single-layer BD-R discs, with a capacity of 25 GB, can be found for $15–$20. The theoretical maximum for Blu-ray Discs is about 12x as this is the speed of rotation (10,000 rpm) that causes too much wobble for the discs to be read properly, similar to the 16x and 52x respective maximum speeds of DVDs and CDs.

[edit] Speed
Drive speed Data rate Write time for Single Layer BD


36 Mbit/s 4.5 MB/s 95 min.


72 Mbit/s 9 MB/s 47 min.


288 Mbit/s 36 MB/s 12 min.


432 Mbit/s 54 MB/s 8 min.

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