  

Design layout Material selection Equipment arrangement

Waste management

When planning a facility
  

Review plan with local regulatory agency Review plan with building and zoning departments Meet ADA requirements

Select materials that are
  

Easy to clean and maintain Safe Resistant to the absorption of grease and moisture

A handwashing station must be equipped with

Hot and cold running water

 

A method to dry hands A waste container

Equipment must be
 

Easy to clean Easy to disassemble for frequent cleaning

Food-contact surfaces must be
 

Smooth, nontoxic, nonabsorbent Free of pits and crevices

Free of sharp corners and edges

General Guidelines
  

Nonabsorbent hardwoods or synthetic materials Free of seams and cracks Separate boards for raw and cooked foods

Washed, rinsed, and sanitized between uses

A good layout will ensure easy cleaning and minimize
  

Time food spends in the TDZ Risk of crosscontamination Foodhandling

If the Water Supply Is Interrupted Use…
    

Bottled or boiled water for beverages/ingredients Commercially prepared ice Boiled water for essential cleaning Single-use items Boiled warm water for handwashing

Cross Connection

A link through which contaminants enter the potable water supply


Reverse flow of contaminants through a cross connection into the potable water supply

Backflow Prevention Methods

Vacuum breaker

Air gap

Garbage containers must be
   

Leakproof, waterproof, and pestproof Easy to clean Kept covered when not in use Cleaned frequently inside and out

Present a five-minute presentation on cross connection and backflow prevention. Explain the differences in the devices used to prevent backflow.

Challenge participants to identify actions to be taken after an interruption in the potable water supply. Create a quick sketch of a workstation designed for food safety. Challenge participants to identify the requirements of a proper handwashing station.

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