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SPED Video Reaction

SPED Video Reaction

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Video Reaction
Video Reaction

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Published by: api-3717917 on Oct 15, 2008
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Hillary Walker SPED 2120 February 21, 2006 Video Reaction I enjoyed watching F.A.T. City in class.

The instructor helped numerous parents of children with learning disabilities, school counselors, psychologists, teachers, and classmates of children with disabilities understand what it is like to live with a learning disability every day of their lives. I thought it was interesting when the instructor said that six to ten percent of children suffer from learning disabilities. I also found it fascinating when the instructor explained that children do not try to be difficult and hard to teach, they are born with these disabilities and cannot help being the way that they are. I thought the instructor’s games and activities that he used on the group were enlightening, because they show “normal” people precisely what children with learning disabilities feel like in the classroom when they are trying to learn with the other children. Since I am planning on becoming a teacher, this video was very informative because I never thought about what it is like for children with disabilities to function in a regular class setting. I will be working with children with learning disabilities in whichever grade level I decide to teach in, so I absolutely need to understand all of the points that the instructor made in the video. I thought the part in the video where the instructor showed all of the class the picture of a skull and asked them to make a title for it. He then asked one of the women to read aloud her title. After he talked harshly to her and tried to make her feel badly for her response, which is what some teachers do to children with learning disabilities, he pointed out a young girl in front of a mirror. This

showed the students that children in their classes with learning disabilities learn in a very special way, which is unlike how most students learn. Another thing I liked that the instructor did was talk to the adults in the class the way some teachers speak to children with learning disabilities in their classes. He told them they should know the answer when they did not and rushed them when they could easily figure out the answer if they had had more time to think about it. It showed me, as well as the adults in his class, that they need to find different ways to teach the children in their classes who have learning disabilities. Overall, I benefited from watching F.A.T. City because I learned so much useful information about how to teach children with learning disabilities. When I have those types of children in my classes, I will be better able to help them and teach them in a way that they can excel. I would certainly recommend that this video is shown to all future educators.

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