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power plant tech.

power plant tech.


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Technology status of
thermal power plants
in India and
opportunities in
renovation and
Technology status of
thermal power plants
in India and
opportunities in
renovation and

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Published by: firoj_khan9 on Oct 15, 2008
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The two fundamental processes for extraction of energy from coal are (i) Direct
Solid Combustion such as conventional Pulverised Coal (PC) Combustion or the
emerging Fluidised Bed Combustion (FBC) and (ii) Indirect combustion through
Coal Gasification followed by coal gas combustion.
Fluidised Bed Combustor is a “three-in-one device” characterised by highly
desirable features of multi-fuel capability, pollution (SO2 and Nox) control, and
energy conservation. All the four members of this family, namely Atmospheric
Fluidised Bed Combustor (AFBC), Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustor (CFBC),
Pressurised Fluidised Bed Combustor (PFBC) and Pressurised Circulating
Fluidised Bed Combustor (PCFBC) have the potential for clean power
generation. Additionally, PFBC and PCFCB systems operating in a combined
cycle mode (Rankine and Brayton) have the potential for overall plant
efficiencies of the order of 40-45% compared to 33-37% efficiencies offered by
power plants based on Conventional PC firing, AFBC and CFBC operating on a
single (Rankine) cycle.
Coal gasification, at pressures up to 40 atm and suitable temperatures,
results in a low calorific value (4-7 MJ/Nm3) gas mixture of CO and H2, which
can be burnt and expanded in a gas turbine for power generation. In an
Integrated Gasifier Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant, this is supplemented by steam
turbine power generation using steam generated from the gas turbine exhaust
gases. Three types of coal gasifiers are in different stages of demonstration and
commercialisation in the world: Fixed Bed (Moving Bed) Gasifier (e.g. the
LURGI Dry Ash System), Fluidised Bed Gasifier (e.g. KRW system and


Entrained Bed Gasifier (e.g. Shell and Texaco Systems). Each of these
technologies is suited to a particular type of coal, and under specific operating
conditions gives the desired quality of product coal gas.

3.2.2 Coal utilisation technology

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