The Fall

Our London, London, London Bridge

How sin and death entered the world

Satan • A spirit • Created good • With free will • Who fell • And had nothing better to do • Than mess it up • For everyone else.

In the Garden • He is the Serpent • The word for serpent doesn’t mean little slithery snake. • Its more like a beast, a monster, a dragon. • Hey Adam…watch your lady!

Adam and Eve • Have free will • They can eat any fruit • Except one. • It will make them die the death.

“Like God”
• God wants to make us like him. What’s wrong with the fruit? • First…they take it and are not given it. Vampire vs. Eucharist. • Secondly…”knowing good and evil” means choosing for themselves outside of reality. God’s knowledge is the only one that works.

Produce and Discover

When God “knows” He makes it so. • When we “know” we ought to discover his law. We can not make our own truth.

Die the death
• God tells Adam and Eve that the fruit will cause a double death. They will “die die.” • Satan tells Eve that she won’t “die.” • Tricky little devil…eh? • So they eat…and surprise! • God was right. • They “die the death”

What does that mean?
• Shame …they cover themselves to hide from God and each other… they are no longer free to give freely of themselves like God. • Suf feri ng- labor by the sweat of Adam’s brow. Increased labor pains…all sorts of crumby stuff.

• Exi le- They are no longer in their homeland, no longer can they be with God in the Garden. • Death -They return to ashes and dust. Dead…cut off from eternal life. • Loss of preternatural gifts- right functioning of their bodies.

The Biggie • Loss of Grace…The Supernatural gift. Divine Life.


But Stay tuned!

•God has a plan!

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