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Feedback Mngt. System 1

Feedback Mngt. System 1

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Published by Zeeshan Hasan

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Published by: Zeeshan Hasan on Oct 04, 2011
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  

Goal or aim of Feedback Management System

 

Feed Back Management System is unique software, which store and manage feedback details. It comprises from registering of new student to the validation of existing Student. Feedback Management system is a system of processes and software that enables organizations to centrally manage deployment of surveys while dispersing authoring and analysis throughout an organization. It can query the status for existing students. This is a modernized approach of conventional documentation system where students of an institution provider had to keep the details of there course in a written directory. The system interacts to the students by means of some front-end form. To enter the system a login form will appear where ID and Password for both Administrator and for the employees will have to be entered to log into the system and then this will check the Permission of that user. According to permission the System is loaded.

Course Details & Reg.Student Details & Reg.Abstract  The Feedback Management System having the following features like 1.  .Change Password The student can do any operations after registering his/her name and password in the registration form which gives the unique student id to every student. 3.Faculty Details & Reg. 4. 2.

Objectives  The objective of the Feedback Management System is to provide an abstract view of the operations such as Student Registration. Student Info & Feedback etc. .  The purpose of the project is to develop and deploy a simple & easy Feedback Management System. Administrator Login. Course Details.

Requirements     Hardware Requirements: Pentium Dual Core Processor.  SQL server 2005  Operating System: Windows XP . Software Requirements: 1GB RAM Visual Studio 2008.

 Course Details The New user can view the Course Details by login into the login form. Course Details The Student can view the Course details by just writing the Student ID or Batch ID. .Functional Requirements  Creating a Student ID The new user has to register at first. Old user can sign in directly with Student id & password.

Context Level DFD .

Level-1 Admin .

Level-1 of Student .

ER Diagram .

Database Structure Registration Table Field Admin ID Password Type Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Constraints Primary Key .

Student Table FIELD Student ID Student Name Address City State Email Id TYPE Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) CONSTRAINTS Primary key Phone No Varchar(50) .

Data Base .

Startup Form .

Login Form .

Control Panel .

Course Registration Form .

Course Info Form .

Student Login Form .

Student Registration Form .

Student Info Form .

Feedback Form .

 The software can be made more users friendly so that it automatically determines Student having multiple feedback.  . The Software can be so developed.Future Scope Feedback Management System can be further enhanced.  The Software can be extended in future by taking few simple steps. so that it directly connects through internet.

References  Ayon Chatterjee Ardent Collaborations .

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