Element of Interpersonal Skill in movie (Up in the Air

1) Source-Receiver Source is the sender of the message and receiver is the one who receive message. Movie: Ryan (hero) is the source while speaking in conference and people were receiving his messages. 2) Encoding-Decoding Encoding mean producing messages and Decoding mean understanding messages. Movie: Ryan (hero) sitting on the set the air hostess came and says”Can sir”. Ryan understand the “cancer” 3) Messages A message in its most general meaning is an object of communication. Movie: Ryan in the conference sending his messages about the bag pack through Voice. 4) Competence Knowledge not only about the subject, but also about communication esp. interpersonal communication. Movie: Ryan and Natalie when checking in the airport for Security checkup. 5) Feedback Reactions to initial messages Movie: In Wichita the Ryan terminate the employees they feed back there response 6) Feed forward: Information sent before primary message is sent. Reveals something about the message to be sent. Movie: In Wichita Natalie try to fire the Miss Barnes. The Miss Barnes feed forward message to Natalie she came to terminate Miss Barnes from the organization. 7) Channel Medium through which message is sent. Movie: In movie Natalie came with an idea to terminations the other person through video calls. The video call is the channel.

Samuels the Mr. and discourse . His boss) assigns him to take Natalie with him on his next round of terminations.8) Noise This is anything that distorts or interfered with the message Move: Natalie terminations the Mr. Natalie questions Ryan's philosophy 10) Context The relevant constraints of the communicative situation that influence language use. Samuels is in the Psychological Noise. language variation. much to his annoyance. 9) Ethics Sender’s-Receiver’s own personal philosophy and personal ethics Movie: He plays the role of a fired employee to show her inexperience. As they travel together and become better acquainted.

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