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Employ CovSheet Clyde S2

Employ CovSheet Clyde S2

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Published by Clyde J Tuitt

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Published by: Clyde J Tuitt on Oct 04, 2011
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Clyde Tuitt 10215 Pineshadow Dr.

Charlotte, NC 28262 September 23, 2011

Mr. John Doe AT&T Inc. 300 S Brevard St Charlotte, NC 28202 Dear John Doe: Mr. Miller, a current employee with your company at AT&T, informed me that your department is in search of a Network Administrator/Systems Analyst. I know that I am qualified to fill your position at AT&T. My various job experiences have prepared me not just as a great analyst but as a strong individual in relationships among my co-workers and customers. For example, as an escalations queue agent, I have acquired strong leadership and interpersonal skills. This has trained me and allowed me to be able to think quickly in emergency situations, and in those requiring quick assessment of many factors in order to make appropriate decisions. As a fleet inventory agent I gained knowledge and became efficient in troubleshooting problems systematically with our process of checking out car with customers. Dealing with these diverse concerns of customers, co-workers, and other variables, I have become well at operating with the proper mix of authority, diplomacy, and tact. While working in these demanding positions, I have from time to time worked hands on with different system problems within my community. My major, computer information’s systems has and will continue to help me gain more knowledge to be a growing asset to your company. I would welcome the chance to discuss openings at your business. If you will contact me at (704) 423-2049, we can schedule a meeting. Also for more detail on my experience enclosed is my resume. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Clyde J. Tuitt Enclosure: Resume

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