Jayson~Tyler Sanders 115 Main Road Anytown Tel.


May 26, 2000 Manger Chase Manhattan Bank Gulf City Branch RE; ACCOUNT 89985877100001 – Jayson~Tyler Sanders Dear Sir, I would like to take the opportunity to compliment a member of your staff on the level of Professionalism and excellent Customer Service rendered. On 22nd May, 2000 I visited your Branch to purchase some foreign currency. I met Ms. Diane Smith who took the time to inform me of the disadvantages of buying cash and the advantages of purchasing Travelers Cheques. Ms Smith was so persuasive that I decided to purchase the Travelers Cheques instead. While traveling my wallet was stolen, however because I bought Travelers Cheques instead, I was able to get a refund within hours of reporting the cheques stolen. I would like to thank Ms Smith for her extremely timely advice and commend your Bank on a job well done. Yours Respectfully

_____________________ Jayson~Tyler Sanders

and would also like to state my regrets for your unfortunate circumstance. 638 5467 May 30. I may mention that you should take precautionary measures for your safety because of the loss of your wallet.Chase Manhattan Bank Gulf City Branch Tel. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your letter dated May 26. I would also like to inform you that special thanks have been passed on to Ms. Yours Respectfully ______________________ MANAGER . 2000 Jayson~Tyler Sanders 115 Main Road Anytown Dear Sir. Our bank’s policy is to serve and to maintain the happiness of our customers and will continue to strive to maintain a high level of customer service. Smith and I have taken the liberty to place a copy of your letter on her file.

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