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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

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Published by: api-3733643 on Oct 15, 2008
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Once upon a time, in a small and unknown village called Sleepy Hollow, strange and terrible things took place. Many people were murdered by a headless horseman who was decapitated many years ago by his own sword. Lady Van Tassel, the mayor’s wife, was the one who had taken his head from his grave and was able to control him. Later, the horseman discovered who controlled him and who possessed his head. Then, he got his head back from the mayor’s wife and went back to hell with her. The citizens lived in peace for many years, but what they didn’t know that ten years later the murders would start again. So, after a time an investigator came to the village to investigate the new problems. The investigator was no one else than the young Masbath, the boy whose father had been decapitated by the horseman ten years before. He had helped Inchabod Crane, the old investigator with the cases in Sleepy Hollow. Crane taught him a lot about his job and helped him to be a good investigator. Masbath went to Sleepy Hollow and stayed there for one year. After loads of investigations the young man discovered that Lady Van Tassel came back from hell every night and killed the children of the village because he wanted to take revenge. She was only a child when she saw some men decapitating the horseman in front of her, and she lived with this trauma all her life. That’s why she wanted to kill every child, because she had lost her childhood and she couldn’t accept that others could have a better life than her. Sleepy Hollow’s murders ended when a mysterious witch came from the mountains and cast a spell to Lady Van Tassel. From then on, the mayor’s wife was locked in hell and couldn’t come out anymore. The village didn’t have any more problems, and everyone lived peacefully and happily forever more.


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