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How Speech Sounds Are Made

How Speech Sounds Are Made

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Lecture 2

How speech sounds are made

Organs of speech
3 major systems: articulatory system phonatory system respiratory system Head Throat Chest

Respiratory system
Eggresive pulmonic airstream

Most common way speech sounds are made

Ingressive pulmonic airstream

Used for non speech sounds e.g. gasping Some speech sounds uses this too e.g. clicks in Zulu

Phonatory system
Trachea (windpipe) Larynx (voice box)
– –

Vocal cords: voicing (phonation) Glottis (opening between the vocal folds)

Q:What glottal settings do you need for: a) voiceless sounds b) voiced sounds c) a glottal stop A: in textbook

Q: What are the different glottal settings for different voice quality ?
Voice Whisper Breathy Creaky Listen to Track 7 A: in textbook Q: Why do we care about these different voice qualities? (for discussion)

Articulatory system
Resonating cavities:
– – –

Throat (pharyngeal cavity) Mouth (oral cavity) Nose (nasal cavity)

Analogy to wind instruments

Exercise on page 39
Let’s go over this

Articulatory system
Major Articulators: 1. Lips: 2. Tongue: 3. Teeth/ Jaw 4. Velum 5. Tongue Root 6. Larynx (phonatory system) Speech sounds are made with a combination of articulators

Online resources

University of Iowa anatomy diagram sound and symbol matching step-by-step description of how speech sounds are made

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