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Java Project List
(Java/ J2EE/ J2ME/ JSP/ Servlets)
ID Project Title

9221286927 9892369017

Java-01 Java-02 Java-03 Java-04 Java-05 Java-06 Java-07 Java-08 Java-09 Java-10 Java-11 Java-12 Java-13 Java-14 Java-15 Java-16 Java-17 Java-18 Java-19 Java-20 Java-21 Java-22 Java-23 Java-24 Java-25 Java-26 Java-27 Java-28 Java-29 Java-30 Java-31 Java-32 Java-33 Java-34 Java-35 Java-36

Speech comparison using neural networks IRIS Recognition ICS (Inventory Control System) Home Automation System with Speech Recognition Total Business Solution Membership Management using Java Card Online Ticket Reservation System Voice/ Speech based Browser Smart Encryption (Image/ audio / video) Java Editor Visual Lab - electronic circuit designing simulation. CASE tools- Computer Aided Software Engineering Mobile- Commerce / CRM Mobile- Online Examination Sysetm Simulator 8085 Text based Image search in Database Multi Player Tetris game wih AI Bomber Man with AI X & 0 game Minesweeper game for Mobile with AI Remote Desktop Download Manager (ftp) Network Health/Node monitoring [Six Sigma Implementation] Distributed mobility management for target tracking in mobile sensor networks Mobile Banking Multicast Server Chat Mobile Screen Info Generator Dairy Management System Terminal Controller Tour & Travel Mgmt application Java Media Player Digital Image Watermarking TTS (text to speech ) Application Speech Enabled Database Operations Distributed Banking System Portfolio Management

Java Java / Matlab Java Java / Hardware Java / SQL Java / Java Card reader JSP / SQL Java Java Java Java Java JSP / Servlet / SQL jsp / Servlet / J2ME Java Java / Matlab Java / AI Java / AI Java / AI J2me / Java Java Java Java / SQL Java / J2ee J2me / Servlet Java JSP / Servlet Java Java Java Java Java Java Java / SQL Java / SQL Java / JSP / SQL

Java-37 Java-38 Java-39 Java-40 Java-41 Java-42 Java-43 Java-44 Java-45 Java-46 Java-47 Java-48 Java-49 Java-50 Java-51 Java-52 Java-53 Java-54 Java-55 Java-56 Java-57 Java-58 Java-59 Java-60 Java-61 Java-62 Java-63 Java-64 Java-65

Network Monitoring Mobile Info Centre Online Equity Management Multi player Chess Dynamic load balancing in distributed systems Multicast routing with delay for apps. on overlay networks Packet reordering in transmission control protocol Distributed database architecture Efficient query processing in peer-to peer networks A grid-powered framework for distributed programming Face recognition using laplacian faces Noise reduction by image filtering handwritten script recognition Messaging service over TCP/ IP in local area network Retrieving files using content based search Resource management system (RMS) E-auction bidding and winning Online examination system Global job portal management On-line mobile voting Xml enabled cross data migration Mobile to PC communication Mobile Messenger for Ad-Hoc Networks Character Recognition System Intrusion Detection System / Firewall Desktop Payroll Application Windows Desktop Search Securing TCP/IP communication using cryptography Implementation of Digital image processing techniques

Java J2me / JSP J2me / JSP Java/ J2me Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java / SQL JSP / SQL JSP / Servlet / SQL JSP / Servlet / SQL J2me / Servlet / SQL Java J2ME J2ME Java Java Java / SQL Java Java Java

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