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Muadz Stand Up

Muadz Stand Up

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Published by Affida Apsah

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Published by: Affida Apsah on Oct 05, 2011
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Stand Up

Album : Munsyid : Muadz Dzulkifli Al-Masaar http://liriknasyid.com "‫"نمؤم الا ةنجلا لخدي ال هنأ نذأف نالف اي مق‬ "‫"رجاف لجرب نيدلا ديؤي هللا نا‬ Oh you stand up! say it together None enters paradise save a true believer Allah shall support this religion With a sinful man with a wicked man Some people see barriers In classes and in colours Some people are wiser But some believe they are hollier Feel the heart of everyone See through our differences You and I have the power Think good of one another So stand up and take our places And do what we do better Spend sometime to know ourselves Help the other

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