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Knife Trapping

Knife Trapping

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Limb Immobilization and the defensive use of the knife.
Advanced concepts of edged weapons from Master at Arms James A. Keating of Combat technologies Inc.
Limb Immobilization and the defensive use of the knife.
Advanced concepts of edged weapons from Master at Arms James A. Keating of Combat technologies Inc.

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Published by: maajak1 on Oct 05, 2011
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"Knife Trapping" By J. Keating I'd like to share some thoughts with you.

They revolve around the concept of wha t is commonly called "knife trapping". Meaning, to trap or immobilize an adversa ry's limb(s). This concept is not popular with everyone in the combat-oriented knife community, martial arts, military, etc. On the other hand there are severa l “experts” who give knife trapping a thumbs up. So the panel is divided so to speak . Those people who prefer trapping usually include it in their overall curriculu m. Not as a panacea for every violent encounter one comes across. But, as a mean s to realize a wider spectrum of combative play. To employ trapping as a develop mental vehicle as well as a combative vehicle is part and parcel to our goals. B ut, the developmental side of trapping is what we truly seek. For trapping skill turbo-charges your knife! A knife is a “force multiplier” it absolutely outstrips the empty hand on every turn . A knife makes any motion you choose to employ into a damaging, maiming action. Motions that would carry no authority what so ever in the empty hand world of f ighting suddenly become highly effective with a knife. Thus is the nature of the blade. Some men learn of it’s mysteries early in life, others resist them out of fear. They learn of the blade too late to assist them in life. It’s my belief to e schew none. Each method and each master has a certain something to offer you. So , I give you knife trapping. For fun, for fight, for fears in the night General Principles Revealed In this section I decided to list some of the general principles of trapping wit h a knife. Also I’d like to address some questions which are often asked about kni fe trapping. Lastly let us attempt to dispel any of the ridiculous myths/lies of ten heard about this skill. We’ve got our work cut out for us, lets get to it! The Combative Goals: As easy as 1, 2, 3 ! To possess the ability to rapidly assault an aggressor and to momentarily contro l their actions. Applying the science of levers and limb manipulations (the mathematics of combat ) allows one to dominate the limbs and weapons of the opponent. So our combat pr iority is to deal with the bad guy’s limbs, those are the thing’s which can harm you . What we may call the normal target areas (IE: Neck, face, solar plexus, etc) b ecome secondary in priority. Trapping is used to capture, control, interview or to simply save the life of your opponent. Indeed the aggressor will be wounded, but not in a life threatening manner (hopefully). Total de-animation of the subj ect is possible as a later option if so given. Trapping can lead to capture, dea th or wounding. It can lead to you escaping from a possibly terminal encounter. The realm of close quarter knife fighting is the most severe range to operate in . It is the absolute, sole domain of the experts and the crazy. Yes, it is that lethal. At close range one separates the knife men from da knife boyz quickly. Developmental Goals: Beyond the fire for what you desire! Ok, this is the part where we trade in our war helmets for our thinking caps. D evelopmental training with knife trapping is a blast. It enables you to have fun as you accomplish your loftier goals. By learning the secrets of trapping you a lso learn “how to get around” the human body. Being such that an opponent has two li mbs there are only so many ways they may attack you. These doors or gateways are a known aspect of human behavior. If you have a working knowledge of these door ways gained from developmental knife trapping you have a huge edged over others! It is simply logic, math and a calm mind amidst a whirlwind of hacking horror. You may start after the opponent, but you will always arrive first. Body mechani cs become highly refined during developmental knife trapping exercises. Trapping polishes not only the lighting fast actions of your hands, but the even faster actions of your own mind as well. 3. Hidden Benefits: Unexpected gifts and reality shifts

Knife trapping is a skill that leads to its transference to others areas of ende avor. For example, if you are a boxer, knife trapping will certainly add depth to your overall abilities. If you are a smaller person I can assure you that dev elopmental training in knife trapping will double your abilities to cope with la rger adversaries. In fact your mental state will be clearer too! It must be in o rder to grasp the essentials of knife trapping and to employ them adequately for your goal at hand. I see math being the root of trapping. Others see it through there own filters. It is hard to describe the hidden perks one experience’s throu gh the honest study of Knife trapping. They are unexpected little gifts and ackn owledgements that let you know that you are following the correct path. Watch fo r them. Ok, I think you have the idea now! Commonly Asked Questions on Knife Trapping Q: Does knife trapping really work in combat? I mean like could I do it? A: Yes, it does work in a fight. But it is used selectively. Not as a combat cur e-all Q: Isn’t knife trapping too dangerous for actual use? A: Only if you have not learned your lessons well. Don’t blame the tool for your shortcomings. Q: If trapping is so good, then why haven’t I heard of it before now? A: Knife trapping is not a common skill. If it were easy then everyone would do it. Q: Knife trapping is too fancy. Isn’t it really just pretty motion for martial art s nuts to play? A: On the contrary! Those who lack an attention span, those people who are overl y aggressive all find learning knife trapping to be quite challenging. So, they mock it and deride it’s benefits out of their own inability to cope with the art o r to learn it s secrets. Bluntly speaking it intimidates the hell outta them, th usly they rage about it being “too durn fancy”. An old fable indeed propagated by th e weak to keep the strong from getting stronger. Q: Knife trapping looks so “structured”. How could it ever work in a fight? A: The structure is merely there during the learning phase. It should be cast as ide once you have grasped the essence of the game. Then it becomes a “catch as cat ch can” affair. This is where a person must be able to release the studio teaching structure and directly access the heart of that particular moment and encounter . The zen of the “now” is what we are seeking and allowing it’s energy to guide us. A mere touch to a knife trapper can tell him a vast amount of things about whom he is facing. Knife trapping is a wild, untamed thing in natural form. Tidbits of Trapping There exist many misinformed people who pass along misinformation as if it were truth. This is done for commercial gain, personal vendetta and desperation for r ecognition. The lies told about trapping often become transparent in the harsh l ight of reality. Even more so when the lies and the liars are simply confronted by someone who truly knows the craft of knife trapping. The depth of ignorance s hone by the scoffers shines forth on every side. No physical encounter is requir ed. One considers the source and moves on. The world is comprised by those that “have” and those that “have not”. Here s a myth: Knife trapping takes years to learn an d master! Ah-ha another common whine! Guess what? So does Tae Kwon Do, carpentry , auto mechanics and calligraphy! What’s new? To say knife trapping takes too long to learn is simply the nega-speak of a terminally weak personality. Such whiner s are many, ignore their bleating and advance scholar, advance to the next level !



Devices such as adequate wrist bracers (armor) can add a great deal of dimension to your confidence and skill. If you are wearing light armor you have an even g reater chance of success if you attempt any knife trapping manipulations. If yo u can trap and cope with the hi-speed world of knives, then it’s a cinch you’ll be o k in the lesser world of the empty hand. Why even against multiple opponents kni fe trapping can be a most helpful skill. To relegate it to a one on one type fig hting method is to certainly short change it. Knife trapping is swift, agile and ideal for dealing with several opponents at once. Armor is passive defense. Exp lore it. Many people do no know where or how to touch the adversary properly in order to create the proper atmosphere for knife trapping to occur. Have ya ever noticed t hat the arms on a mook jong (a Wing Chun wooden dummy) are short? They are meant to replicate not the whole arm, but only the upper part. This upper forearm are a is called the humorous. It this this same area that a knife trapper must striv e to touch and control. By controlling this area one may move, control and domin ate the opponent like someone twice the size and strength could. Add the special spice which comes from a dash of well placed steel and by god my friends, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a great exponent of knife trapping you have beco me! Touching the right spot can make or break your chances of victory in a fight . Without knowing, refining and possessing a certain degree of ability in trapping , a knifeman can greatly reduce his overall tactical profile. The trapping provides the knifeman much needed sensitivity. It is sensitivity th at saves your butt in knife fighting, not callousness. Pressures are what we "re ad" or sense with our hands and forearms during close quarter fighting. When you take trapping skills and blend them smoothly with Kali s (or Arnis) sinawalli p atterns then the intricate blade work becomes much, much more manageable. It is at such a moment when all things magically synchronize that you ll know that kni fe trapping is fun, beneficial and effective for you! In this phase, you will di g even deeper, catching nuance here and there.... until the immobilization skill is yours completely. Be sensitive to all things, walk lightly, save lives when possible... afterall, you are now the dreaded "fang in the dark". Are you not? A ye. Go ahead, wash yer hands, it will never come off.... advance scholar, advanc e, but do so slowly, with caution.



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