1. Major targets set in the Health Policy 2002 are all except a. Eradication of polio by 2005 b. Reduce IMR to 100/1,00,000 c. Establish a system of surveillance via the national health accounts and health statistics d. Increase utilization of public health facilities from the current level of less than 20% to more than 90% 2. On Human Development Index consisting of completion based on life expectancy, literacy and GDP, the rank of India in the world is a. 124 b. 152 c. 56 d. 06 3. Cytoprecipitate stored at -30°C will have a life of a. 6 months b. one year

c. 2 years


5 years

4. A positive Schumm test in a patient transfused with blood indicates a. HIV infection b. Allergic state c. Haemolytic reaction d. None of the above 5. Field defects in primary open angle glaucoma are due to a. Nerve fibre defects c. Optic nerve changes 6. Lesions of lateral geniculate body are characterized by a. Heteronymous hemianopia c. Sparing of papillary reflexes 7. Earliest sign of siderosis bulbi is a. Rusty deposits in the peripheral part of lens capsule c. Rusty deposits in the periphery of cornea 8. A positive Mantoux’s in HIV positive patients is a. >10 mm b. >3-4 mm 9. Mitsuda reaction in lepromin test appears after a. 24-28 hours b. 2 weeks 10. Megaloblastic anaemia is seen in a. Diphyllobothriasis b. Tapeworm infection d. Hydatid cyst 11. Dental caries has been mainly attributed to the activity of a. Staphylococcus pyogens c. Streptococcus mutans 12. The primary etiological factor of periodontal diseases is a. Vitamin deficiencies b. Bacterial plaque d. Systemic disease 13. In maxillary permanent dentition, the longest root is found in a. Incisors b. Premolars d. Third molar

b. Optic disc changes d. Angle structure changes

b. Bitemporal hemianopia d. Optic atrophy

b. Rusty deposits in the retina d. K F Ring

c. 10 mm


>5 mm

c. 3 days


3-4 weeks

c. Ankylostomiasis

b. Streptococcus pyogens d. Streptococcus salivarious

c. Mouth breathing

c. Canine

over prepregnancy levels is a. Ultrasound abdomen b. Ammonia 23. Diagnosis of acute pancreatitits can be excluded by normal appearance on a. 12-14 weeks gestation c. Approx 50% d. HbF disappears by a. Generalised increase in bone density b. Maxillary nerve c. Approx 40% c. First year 24. Silver nitrate b. Silver bromide 16. Distension of upper lobe pulmonary veins c. Approx 60% MJAFI. Mandibular nerve d. Prominence of left lower heart border d. All of the above 17. Most useful investigation in pulmonary thromboembolism is a. Left atrial enlargement is seen on chest radiograph as a. Uric acid c. 14-16 weeks gestation d. 10-12 weeks gestation d. Enlargement of the main pulmonary artery b. Lysyl hydroxylase 22. Double cardiac shadow to the right of sternum 18. Facial nerve 15. Bell’s palsy is dysfunction of a. Cortical thickening c. Bilateral lower limb venography 19. 8-10 weeks gestation c. Wilms tumour c. Approx 30% b. Ventilation-perfusion scan d. Pulmonary angiography c. Lysyl oxidase d. The urinary levels of which compound provide a measure of muscle protein breakdown a. Adult. 25. 2003 . None of the above 21. Renal masses which may calcify include all the following except a. Diagnostic radiological features of fluorosis include a. Contrast enhanced CT scan abdomen d. 3-methyl histidine d. Plain CT scan abdomen c. Galactosyl transferase c. Tuberculous abscess 20. Silver chloride c. Plasma volume expansion in an uncomplicated term singleton pregnancy . Renal Cell Carcinoma d. Nephrogenic adenoma b. Urea b. Doppler study of lower limb veins b. Ossification of ligamentous musculotendenious attachments d. 4. Vol. Ophthalmic nerve b. The emulsion coating of Dental X-ray film contains minute crystals of a. Second year b. Glucosyl transferase b.MCQs 325 14. Fetal heart sounds can be first detected by Doppler at a. Silver oxide d. A deficiency of Copper affects the formation of normal collagen by reducing the activity of a. No. 59. Birth b.

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